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Sith Empire Nongta Sith Empire


Level 50 Collector's Edition Vendor NPC

Allegiance [[Sith Empire]]
Species [[Ithorian]]
Gender Male
Health 14530
Planet [[Imperial Fleet]]
Region [[Vaiken Spacedock]]

[[Category:Sith Empire NPCs]][[Category:Imperial Fleet NPCs]][[Category:Ithorian NPCs]]

Nongta is an Ithorian merchant located in the VIP lounge on Vaiken Spacedock in the Imperial Fleet. The VIP lounge is only accessible to players who carry a VIP Lounge Wristband.

Vendor[edit | edit source]

Nongta offers a selection of companion customizations and various other items to players who have purchased the Star Wars: The Old Republic Collector's Edition.

Vendor Store
536848.png Hutt Observer Credit.png 25,000

532356.png Imperial Trooper Boots Credit.png 18,400

535562.png Imperial Trooper Gloves Credit.png 18,400

531627.png Imperial Trooper Helmet Credit.png 22,250

536241.png Imperial Trooper Jacket Credit.png 22,250

532877.png Imperial Trooper Pants Credit.png 22,250

527526.png Kaliyo Djannis Customization 5 Credit.png 2,000

527394.png Khem Val Customization 12 Credit.png 2,000

527397.png Khem Val Customization 2 Credit.png 2,000

527551.png Khem Val Customization 7 Credit.png 2,000

T7 Customization 5.png Mako Customization 7 Credit.png 2,000

527171.png Vette Customization 6 Credit.png 2,000

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