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Galactic Republic N'var Galactic Republic


Level 37 Vendor NPC

Allegiance [[Galactic Republic]]
Species [[Twi'lek]]
Gender Female
Health 2850
Planet [[Quesh]]
Region Republic Operational Headquarters

[[Category:Galactic Republic NPCs]][[Category:Quesh NPCs]][[Category:Twi'lek NPCs]]

N'var is a speeder vendor on Quesh. She can be found near the taxi terminal in the Republic Operational Headquarters.


Vendor[edit | edit source]

N'var offers a selection of speeders for purchase.

Vendor Store
535712.gif Aratech Dagger Credit.png 55,000

535866.gif Czerka Invader Credit.png 25,000

536637.gif Lhosan Duster Credit.png 25,000

529479.gif Lhosan Racer Credit.png 25,000

535035.gif Rendili Outrider Credit.png 25,000

531921.gif Ubrikkian Hunter Credit.png 25,000