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Sith Empire Mercenary Sith Empire
Bounty Hunter - 3 - Mercenary.png
Faction Sith Empire
Starting Planet Hutta
Planet Hutta
Base Class Bounty Hunter
Advanced Class Powertech

Mercenary is a Bounty Hunter advanced class.

A pair of blasters, deadly heat-seeking missiles, and heavy armor make the Mercenary a mobile weapons platform. There's no problem extra firepower can't solve, and no one with sense gets between a Mercenary and their target.

  • Dual Wield Guns
  • Missiles
  • Ranged DPS

Skill trees[edit | edit source]

  • Bodyguard - Gives the Bounty Hunter skills and technology to heal and restore his allies.
  • Arsenal - Uses advanced rocketry and specializes in taking down their targets quickly.
  • Innovative Ordnance - Upgrades the Bounty Hunter's weapons to deal more damage his enemies.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Ability Level
Duelwield.png [Dual Wield] 10
Mirilanyouthleader.png [Hired Protection] 10
Missilesalvo.png [Missile Salvo] 10
Hammershot.png [Power Shot] 10
Diagnosticscan.png [Rapid Scan] 10
Sweepinggunfire.png [Sweeping Blasters] 12
Tacticalnuke.png [Fusion Missile] 14
Jetboost.png [Jet Boost] 14
[Emergency Scan] 16
Pacify.png [Disabling Shot] 18
[Kolto Shot] 18
Emittermatrix2.png [Combat Support Cylinder] 20
Piercingshot.png [High Velocity Gas Cylinder] 20
Concussionmissiles.png [Concussion Missile] 22
Cyborgveteran.png [Cure] 24
[Advanced Targeting] 25
[Supercharge] 28
[Supercharged Gas] 28
[Chaff Flare] 30
[Upgraded Arsenal] 38
Vanguard.png [Power Surge] 46
Heartriggerpatch.png [Onboard AED] 50
Electronetmercenary.png [Electro Net] 51
[Supercharged Celerity] 56