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Medicine, relative Sawbones is the Healer Discipline for Operatives and Scoundrels. It is one of 3 different Healer Disciplines. The other are Corruption/Seer and Bodyguard/Combat Medic. The two support buffs for the raid are Invigorated and Resistant.

List of Medicine\Sawbones Skills[edit | edit source]

Skill Medicine Skill Sawbones Level Activation
[Kolto Injection] [Underworld Medicine] 10 Active
[Incisive Action] [Exploratory Surgery] 12 Passive
[Surgical Steadiness] [Smuggled Technology] 16 Passive
Utility Point 17 Passive
[Prognosis: Critical] [Prognosis: Critical] 20 Passive
[Surprise Surgery] [Smuggled Med Delivery] 24 Passive
Utility Point 25 Passive
[Recuperative Nanotech] [Kolto Cloud] 26 Active
[Medical Engineering] [Medpac Mastery] 28 Passive
[Tox Screen] [Psych Meds] 32 Passive
Utility Point 33 Passive
[Patient Studies] [Patient Studies] 36 Passive
[Medical Therapy] [Homegrown Pharmacology] 40 Passive
Utility Point 41 Passive
[Surgical Probe] [Emergency Medpac] 42 Active
[Surgical Precision] [Emergent Emergencies] 44 Passive
[Durable Meds] [Puissant Poultices] 48 Passive
Utility Point 49 Passive
[Accomplished Doctor] [Accomplished Sawbones] 52 Passive
[Medical Consult] [Healing Hand] 56 Passive
Utility Point 57 Passive
[Kolto Waves] [Kolto Waves] 58 Active
[Tactical Medicine] [Bedside Manner] 60 Passive
[Enduring Kolto] [Prolonged Prescription] 64 Passive
Utility Point 65 Passive