Mandalore the Vindicated

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Mandalore the Vindicated

Mandalore the Vindicated

Champion Level 50 Melee NPC (Champion)

Allegiance [[Mandalorians
Sith Empire (ally)]]
Species [[Human]]
Gender Male
Health 208955
Region [[Spirit of Vengeance]]

Sith Empire (ally) NPCs]][[Category:Human NPCs]]

Mandalore the Vindicated, born Artus and known also as the Grand Champion of the Great Hunt, Uniter of the Clans and Destroyer of the Crusader's Schism, is the leader of the Mandalorians.

Biography[edit | edit source]

The position of Mandalore is part general, part king, all warlord. It is not hereditary and centuries can go by without the Mandalorian clans uniting behind a single ruler. When one warrior has both the vision and the strength to claim the title all clans must either recognize this authority or war against it.

During the early years of the war, Imperial Intelligence supported a puppet Mandalore—known now as Mandalore the Lesser—who united the clans briefly before being defeated during the blockade of the Hydian Way. Seeking to energize the clans and restore his support, Mandalore the Lesser called the Great Hunt, a galaxy-wide competition for glory, only to have the winner challenge him to a duel, shoot him dead and claim his title.

The new Mandalore slowly consolidated power, squashing an uprising by those who believed the Mandalorians should follow the path of Mandalore the Preserver and support the Republic. Today his position is absolute and for now at least the Mandalorians remain cautious, well-paid allies of the Empire.

His current base of operations is Geonosis. His greatest enemy is leader of the Crusader's Schism Jicoln Cadera (assumed deceased).

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