Space Combat: Makem Te Assault

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Galactic Republic Makem Te Assault
Galactic Republic

Level 23 Galactic Republic mission
Space combat mission

Planet N/A
Area Space
Location Seat of the Empire
Start Galaxy Map
Experience 5 - 1730 XP
Rewards Medallion.png 1 Fleet Commendation
Credit.png 645

Makem Te Assault is one of the second-tier (Level 20+) space combat missions for the Republic side. Once attaining your ship, it is one of two missions that comes unlocked once the player reaches level 20 and is accessible through your galaxy map.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Primary Objective:

  • 4m 45s Makem Te Assault
    • Neutralize the Capital Ship's Shield Generators: 0/4
    • Take Out the Capital Ship's Turrets: 0/14

Secondary Objectives:

  • [34] Disable the Supporting Fleet (Bonus)
    • Destroy the Capital Ship's Engines: 0/6
    • Destroy the Captial Ship's Shield Generators: 0/5
  • [20] Clear the Support Ships (Bonus)
    • Destroy Interceptors and the Capital Ship's Turrets: 0/75

Secondary Hidden Objectives:

  • Disable the Command Ship (While the objective is destructible every mission, the bonus is only available once per day)

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Primary Objective[edit | edit source]

Bonus Mission: Disable the Supporting Fleet[edit | edit source]

Available at level 34.

  • Credit.png 1158
  • 5 - 2120 XP

Bonus Mission: Clear the Support Ships[edit | edit source]

  • Credit.png 386
  • 5 - ? XP

Bonus Mission: Disable the Command Ship[edit | edit source]

Dealing enough damage to the bridge of the ship will eventually destroy it, granting you the completion of a bonus mission and yielding the following:

  • Credit.png 2538
  • 2970 XP

(While the objective is destructible every mission, the bonus is only available once per day)

Daily Mission[edit | edit source]

There is an associated daily mission you can get on your ship which sends you back to Space Combat: Archenar Intercept and Space Combat: Makem Te Assault after completing the initial quests. It is called Operation Noble Gambit and rewards upon completion:

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