Life Day Tinsel Bomb

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The subject of this article is no longer obtainable or has been removed from the game.
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Life Day Tinsel Bomb
Life Day Tinsel Bomb
Cartel Market Item
Use: Lob a Life Day Tinsel Bomb at your target within 30 meters, which explodes in a shower of glitter. Targets will trail glitter for a short time after being hit. (Cooldown: 15 seconds)

Use the Life Day Tinsel Bomb to spread Life Day cheer!

The Life Day Tinsel Bomb is a Cartel Market social item available for a limited time. It is not consumed on use and deals no damage. Upon use, a Life Day Cheer buff is applied to the target which lasts for 5 minutes.

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Life Day Tinsel Bombs can be purchased from the Cartel Market for Cartel coin.png 300. They can also be obtained from the Life Day Bundle in the Cartel Market.

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