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Lana Beniko

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Lana first appears alongside Dark Arkous as he recruits the Imperial for an attack on the Jedi Temple on Tython. Following the attack it is discovered that the Republic has attacked the Sith Academy on Korriban. Lana dispatches the Imperial to Korriban to remove the Republic presence. Some time after defeating the Republic on Korriban, Lana contacts the Imperial asking to meet in private on Vaiken Spacedock. At the meeting Lana reveals that Darth Arkous had an ulterior motive for attacking the Jedi Temple on Tython, he was searching for a specific Jedi artifact. Lana also reveals that she now believes the Republic attack on Korriban was not retaliation for Tython, but that it was "intended to coincide with the Empire's own attack on Tython". This combined with Darth Arkous's apparent lack of trust in Lana along with a growing disturbance in the force, lead Lana to believe there is a mysterious danger to the Empire and she requests the Imperial's help in unraveling it. She tells the Imperial that she is going to investigate further and that as soon as she discovers anything she will be in contact.

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Lana Beniko Gift Preferences
Cultural Imperial Luxury Military Republic Technology Trophy Underworld Weapon
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