Jiv Trick-Shot

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Sith Empire Jiv Trick-Shot
<Recruit PvP Gear>
Sith Empire

Jiv Trick-Shot

Strong Level 50 Vendor NPC (Strong)

Allegiance Sith Empire
Species Rattataki
Gender Male
Health 14530
Planet Imperial Fleet
Region Vaiken Spacedock

Jiv Trick-Shot is a Rattataki merchant located in the Combat Training section of Vaiken Spacedock in the Imperial Fleet.

Vendor[edit | edit source]

Jiv Trick-Shot offers level 50 Bounty Hunter Recruit PvP gear for purchase.

Vendor Store
Plainholcron.png Champion Relic of Boundless Ages Credit.png 11,300

Plainholcron.png Champion Relic of Forbidden Secrets Credit.png 11,300

Plainholocron2.png Champion Relic of Imperiling Serenity Credit.png 11,300

Plainholcron.png Champion Relic of the Primeval Fatesealer Credit.png 11,300

Plainholocron2.png Champion Relic of the Shrouded Crusader Credit.png 11,300

Ipp.class.bh.pvp.rheal.t8x3.waist.png Recruit Combat Medic's MK-2 Belt Credit.png 20,500

Blaster.high12.a03 v04.png Recruit Combat Medic's MK-2 Blaster Credit.png 38,600

Ipp.class.bh.pvp.rheal.t8x3.chest.png Recruit Combat Medic's MK-2 Body Armor Credit.png 31,700

Ipp.class.bh.pvp.rheal.t8x3.feet.png Recruit Combat Medic's MK-2 Boots Credit.png 26,200

Ipp.class.bh.pvp.rheal.t8x3.wrists.png Recruit Combat Medic's MK-2 Bracers Credit.png 20,500

Ipp.class.bh.pvp.rheal.t8x3.hands.png Recruit Combat Medic's MK-2 Gauntlets Credit.png 26,200

Ipp.class.bh.pvp.rheal.t8x3.head.png Recruit Combat Medic's MK-2 Helmet Credit.png 31,700

Ipp.class.bh.pvp.rheal.t8x3.legs.png Recruit Combat Medic's MK-2 Legplates Credit.png 31,700

Blaster.high08.a03 v01.png Recruit Combat Medic's MK-2 Offhand Blaster Credit.png 19,300

Earpiece1.png Recruit Combat Medic's MK-2 Relay Credit.png 17,000

Implant4.png Recruit Combat Medic's MK-2 System Credit.png 17,000

Ipp.class.bh.pvp.rdps2.t8x3.chest.png Recruit Combat Tech's MK-2 Body Armor Credit.png 31,700

Ipp.class.bh.pvp.rdps2.t8x3.feet.png Recruit Combat Tech's MK-2 Boots Credit.png 26,200

Ipp.class.bh.pvp.rdps2.t8x3.hands.png Recruit Combat Tech's MK-2 Gauntlets Credit.png 26,200

Ipp.class.bh.pvp.rdps2.t8x3.head.png Recruit Combat Tech's MK-2 Helmet Credit.png 31,700

Ipp.class.bh.pvp.rdps2.t8x3.legs.png Recruit Combat Tech's MK-2 Leggings Credit.png 31,700

Earpiece1.png Recruit Eliminator's MK-2 Adaptor Credit.png 17,000

Ipp.class.bh.pvp.rdps1.t8x3.waist.png Recruit Eliminator's MK-2 Belt Credit.png 20,500

Blaster.high12.a03 v01.png Recruit Eliminator's MK-2 Blaster Credit.png 38,600

Ipp.class.bh.pvp.rdps1.t8x3.feet.png Recruit Eliminator's MK-2 Boots Credit.png 26,200

Ipp.class.bh.pvp.rdps1.t8x3.chest.png Recruit Eliminator's MK-2 Chestguard Credit.png 31,700

Implant4.png Recruit Eliminator's MK-2 Enhancer Credit.png 17,000

Ipp.class.bh.pvp.rdps1.t8x3.hands.png Recruit Eliminator's MK-2 Gauntlets Credit.png 26,200

Ipp.class.bh.pvp.rdps1.t8x3.legs.png Recruit Eliminator's MK-2 Greaves Credit.png 31,700

Ipp.class.bh.pvp.rdps1.t8x3.head.png Recruit Eliminator's MK-2 Helmet Credit.png 31,700

Blaster.high02.a03 v01.png Recruit Eliminator's MK-2 Offhand Blaster Credit.png 19,300

Shieldgenerator3.png Recruit Eliminator's MK-2 Power Generator Credit.png 19,300

Ipp.class.bh.pvp.rdps1.t8x3.wrists.png Recruit Eliminator's MK-2 Vambraces Credit.png 20,500

Ipp.class.bh.pvp.rtank.t8x3.waist.png Recruit Supercommando's MK-2 Belt Credit.png 20,500

Blaster.high04.a03 v01.png Recruit Supercommando's MK-2 Blaster Credit.png 38,600

Ipp.class.bh.pvp.rtank.t8x3.chest.png Recruit Supercommando's MK-2 Body Armor Credit.png 31,700

Ipp.class.bh.pvp.rtank.t8x3.feet.png Recruit Supercommando's MK-2 Boots Credit.png 26,200

Ipp.class.bh.pvp.rtank.t8x3.wrists.png Recruit Supercommando's MK-2 Bracers Credit.png 20,500

Ipp.class.bh.pvp.rtank.t8x3.hands.png Recruit Supercommando's MK-2 Gauntlets Credit.png 26,200

Ipp.class.bh.pvp.rtank.t8x3.head.png Recruit Supercommando's MK-2 Helmet Credit.png 31,700

Implant4.png Recruit Supercommando's MK-2 Implant Credit.png 17,000

Ipp.class.bh.pvp.rtank.t8x3.legs.png Recruit Supercommando's MK-2 Legplates Credit.png 31,700

Earpiece1.png Recruit Supercommando's MK-2 Module Credit.png 17,000

Shieldgenerator1.png Recruit Supercommando's MK-2 Shield Generator Credit.png 19,300

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