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Galactic Republic Jedi Prisoner Galactic Republic

Jedi Prisoner

Galactic Republic Flashpoint

Jedi Prisoner is focussed on recovering a Gree computer from a heavily fortified Sith installation.

It is the first Taval V flashpoint and certainly requires a group with a mean average of 33. The majority of the instance is relatively easy, but the final boss, General Edikar, will challenge an under-level or poorly equipped group.

The mission is start from Republic Fleet, and requires that you take the elevator to Inter-fleet Transport where a shuttle to the Telos is available. Having spoken to Oteg, you will need to use the map to navigate down the elevator and to the Taval V shuttle (at the time of writing the green markers do not show up).

The mission progresses down a jungle path and through 2 different Sith installations. The bonus missions require that all these buildings be eventually cleared, so whilst some parties may elect to clear areas from left to right, generally speaking there is no set order.

The most challenging aspect of this flashpoint apart from the bosses are the jungle creature spawns, where in addition to several normal and a silver difficulty enemy, additional gold elites may spawn in during a fight and require good tank control to pick them up.

Features[edit | edit source]

Bosses[edit | edit source]

Handler Gatten and his Vine Cats[edit | edit source]

Brief Strategy: The Vine Cats will wipe aggro periodically requiring the tank to re-asset threat. Otherwise kill one cat, then the other, then kill Gatten.

Captain Shivek and Ripper[edit | edit source]

Brief Strategy: Standard tank and spank. The tank should hold Shivanek whilst the rest of the party kills Ripper (an off-tank for Ripper is not critical). Once Ripper dies, Shivanek will enrage and he should be killed quickly.

Doctor Zharen[edit | edit source]

Brief Strategy: Standard tank and spank. Zharen will call forth beasts from the nearby cryo chambers and should be killed by DPS as soon as the spawn.

PD-44[edit | edit source]

Brief Strategy: Standard tank and spank. Party should spread out as PD-44 will randomly launch missiles at players that causes splash damage. He also has a second missile that strikes once, then leaves a red marker on the ground for a second strike: players should focus on staying out of this second marked missile strike location.

Lord Hasper[edit | edit source]

Brief Strategy: Bonus quest boss. As with most Sith Inquisitors, his Force Lightning needs to be interupted, and avoid the ground marker when he invokes a force storm.

General Edikar[edit | edit source]

Brief Strategy: Tank should hold Edikar and interrupt when needed. 4 droids will spawn 2 or 3 times during the fight and can be crowd controls. Healer should focus on removing fire debuffs (i.e. Seer ability Restoration). Lastly, when Edikar does his hire-power attack all players should strafe or run through him to avoid it.

This final fight with Edikar is an extremely difficult fight compared to the rest of the instance, and is essentially a DPS race. A party consisting of L32 and higher are recommended unless a higher level tank/healer are helping.