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The Inventory is a User Interface window where items that characters collect are stored. The default keybind for Inventory is "i" or "b". Items can also be stored in a character's Cargo Hold.

Inventory size[edit | edit source]

Characters start out with 30 slots of inventory space and can be expanded by purchasing inventory modules. Currently, the maximum number of slots that can be obtained is 80.

Inventory module expansion cost[edit | edit source]

  • Row 4: 5,000 credits
  • Row 5: 20,000 credits
  • Row 6: 50,000 credits
  • Row 7: 100,000 credits
  • Row 8: 200,000 credits

Inventory tabs[edit | edit source]

There are three inventory tabs: Inventory, Mission Items, and Currency.

Mission items[edit | edit source]

Any mission specific item is placed in the Mission Items tab. Some missions will require that an item is activated by right clicking it. Mission Items are automatically removed when a mission is completed. Additionally, matrix shards and other specialty items, like the VIP Lounge Wristband, Macrobinoculars, and Seeker Droid are stored in this tab.

Currency[edit | edit source]

All commendations are placed in this tab. Commendations are divided up into 3 categories: Elder Game, PvP & Space, and Planet.

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