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Into the Pit is a level 19 mission available to Sith Inquisitors. This mission is part of the Inquisitor class storyline.

Sith Empire Into the Pit
Sith Empire

Level 19 Sith Empire mission
Sith Inquisitor Class Mission

Planet [[Balmorra]]

Mission Chain

Icon class sithinquisitor.png [17] Extraction
Icon class sithinquisitor.png  [18] The Path to Power
Icon class sithinquisitor.png  [19] Into the Pit

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  • Travel to the Vault 305
  • Inject the Colicoid Serum
  • Search for the Artifact
    • Bonus: Kill Mutated Colicoids
  • Defeat the Mutated Colicoid BroodMaster
  • Retrieve Tulak Hord's Artifact
  • Use your Personal Holocom
  • Use your ship's Holoterminal