Imperial Forward Command

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Imperial Forward Command reputation illustration

Imperial Forward Command is an organization that Imperial players can obtain reputation by defeating bosses in the tactical flashpoint Kuat Drive Yards. Earning reputation for this organization increases reputation for the Republic First Fleet as well.

Description[edit | edit source]

The brainchild of Grand Moff Kilran, Imperial Forward Command concerns itself with focused, high-risk offensive strikes against the Galactic Republic and its allies. With a seldom-seen autonomy, and the bold and decisive leadership of Admiral Zasha Ranken, Imperial Forward Command acts with swiftness and efficiency, making it one of the Empire's deadliest fleets.

Increase your standing with Imperial Forward Command by completing Kuat Drive Yards missions.

~ Galactic Reputation description

Reputation trophies[edit | edit source]

Reputation ranks[edit | edit source]

  • Outsider
  • Newcomer
With this rank, players are able to purchase the BI-04 Imperial Bomber Paint Job.
  • Friend
With this rank, players unlock the Drive Yards Demolisher title. Players are also able to purchase the KDY Shipwright's Armor Set.
  • Hero
With this rank, players are able to purchase the Model Space Mining Droid.
  • Champion
  • Legend
With this rank, players unlock the Imperial Forward Commander title and KDY Orbital Lifter.

Vendors[edit | edit source]