Horis Thul

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Horis Thul

Horis Thul

Level 30 NPC

Allegiance [[House Thul]]
Species [[Human]]
Gender Male
Planet [[Alderaan]]

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Duke Horis Thul is a member of the noble House Thul of Alderaan.

Missions[edit | edit source]

Correspondence[edit | edit source]

After defeating Lord Nefarid and capturing Aleyna, the Duke sends this message.

From: Duke Horis Thul

Subject: Aleyna Hark

Congratulations on stopping Lord Nefarid, for both our sakes. The would-be assassin Aleyna Hark is still in my custody on Alderaan; despite all she's done, I'll honor my promise to you and keep her alive. Turns out she's more than happy to spill her guts over everything she knows about the Sith and the Empire. Her intel has been quite revealing—I've discovered she's not the only spy in my house.

I owe you my life, and House Thul does not forget its friends.

Stand. Endure. Prevail.

Duke Horis Thul

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