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Objective: Speak to Gearbox[edit | edit source]

Lieutenant "Gearbox" Bex Kolos
"Gearbox" Bex Kolos
I'm Lieutenant Bex Kolos, but everyone in Havoc calls be Gearbox. We're a tight unit--you'll like it with us."

"Let me tell you why we're here: The separatists have nabbed a Republic bomb off a downed transport--a serious bomb, one of those orbital strike numbers.

~ Gearbox

Code red! Code red! We've been hit by an AP missile! A shoulder launcher from somewhere in the village! Everyone hold on-
~ APC Driver

Fixing things is my specialty, kid--I'm nowhere near the fighter you are. I'll stay and get this walker moving again. You'll disable the separatists' missile launchers. Understood?
~ Gearbox

Objective: Speak to Private Farn[edit | edit source]

I'm Farn, sir. Private Farn. It's a real honor to meet you! Ord Mantell is my first post--I can't believe I'm here at the same time as Havoc Squad!
~ Private Farn

Objective: Report to Commander Tavus[edit | edit source]

Commander Harron Tavus
Commander Harron Tavus
Good to have you here. I'm Commander Harron Tavus, Havoc Squad's commanding officer. We're all excited to have some new blood in the unit. Let me introduce you to the other members of Havoc Squad."

"My second in command, Captain Zora, is the squad's infiltration and assassination specialist. We call her Wraith.

~ Commander Tavus

This is Fuse--Lieutenant Vanto Bazren. He's an expert with every type of explosive in the known galaxy.
~ Commander Tavus

And this is Needles, Lieutenant Ryler Dorant. Needles is a medical genius--he's particularly adept at synthesizing powerful new combat stimulants and adrenals.
~ Commander Tavus

Now, the reason we're all here. A Republic transport, carrying among its cargo a ZR-57 orbital strike bomb, crashed in northern Avilatan six days ago. Recovery unit sent a team, but they were too late. Separatist forces had already stolen the transport's cargo, including the ZR-57, and fled.
~ Commander Tavus

The ZR-57 is--well, it's serious hardware, you know? it can pretty much vaporize this whole island. So, we'd better get it back or, well, boom.
~ Fuse

We're investigating several leads to the bomb's location, but the one I'd like you to look into, Sergeant, comes from a Republic spy named Bellis. Bellis reported making an important discovery, but he's in too deep to exfiltrate for a full report. Instead, you'll rendezvous with Bellis in a nearby village called Talloran.
~ Commander Tavus

I have one last introduction to make: This is Lieutenant Aric Jorgan, an operations officer from the Republic's Ord Mantell Infantry Command. Since we're on individual missions to search for this bomb, Lieutenant Jorgan is coordinating our efforts from here within the mission room.
~ Commander Tavus

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