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Objective: Report to the Jedi Council[edit | edit source]

Master Bela Kiwiiks "I searched the temple archives. This Force user leading the Flesh Raiders never recieved Jedi training." Bela Kiwiiks.png 48px Orgus Din.png Master Satele Shan.png
Kira Carsen "Then the Sith have found us. Shouldn't we get ready for them?"
Master Orgus Din "Calm yourself, Padawan. We can't be certain of anything, yet."
Master Bela Kiwiiks "But we've all sensed a growing darkness--perhaps it's finally revealed itself."
Player Character "There is darkness here."
"What have I missed?"
"I'm proof of that."
Master Orgus Din "Everyone, this is the Padawan who saved our people in the training grounds."

"This is Master Kiwiiks and her extremely vocal Padawan, Kira. The other Masters are transmitting from distant worlds."

Master Bela Kiwiiks "It's unfortunate our numbers are scattered."
Master Satele Shan "Indeed. The temple's safety is unexpectedly threatened. The Flesh Raiders were disorganized primitives before today."
Player Character "Not anymore."
"They didn't change overnight."
"But their leader is dead."
Master Orgus Din "The man leading the Flesh Raiders probably wasn't acting alone."
Master Satele Shan "Much of Tython remains unexplored, and we have few resources to spare."
Master Orgus Din "I'll handle it--with the help of my new Padawan."
Master Bela Kiwiiks "Orgus, you haven't taken a Padawan since Coruscant."
Master Orgus Din "The Force is strong in {him/her}. Stronger than I've seen in decades."
Master Satele Shan "I can think of no finer Master to complete this Padawan's training."
Player Character "Training can wait."
"Me neither."
"I can--you."
Master Orgus Din "You'll find supplies in my chambers downstairs. Go equip yourself. I'll meet you there."

Objective: Get Supplies from Master Orgus's Chambers[edit | edit source]

Master Orgus Din "Blast those Council meetings. I'd die of old age before my colleagues ran out of things to say." Orgus Din.png
Player Character "I prefer action to speeches."
"You don't like the Council?"
"They are long-winded."
Master Orgus Din "This situation has come at you fast. You're braving dangers many Jedi never face. I wouldn't blame you for having questions. This may be the only time to ask them."
Player Character "My questions can wait."
"Why did you choose me?"
"I think you're hiding things."
Master Orgus Din "There's a group of Twi'lek Pilgrims on Tython. They've been fighting the Flesh Raiders for months. The Republic asked us to deny those Twi'leks aid--they settled here illegally--but frankly, we need them."
Player Character "An illegal settlement?"
"I'm hoping for some action."
"The Republic is wrong."
Master Orgus Din "Establish a base camp and speak to the Matriarch. Find out everything the Twi'leks know about Flesh Raiders."
Player Character "I'll go right now."
"And if they don't cooperate?"
Master Orgus Din "I'll join you soon. May the Force be with you."

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