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Galactic Republic Warriors of the Republic Galactic Republic
Faction Republic
Recruiting Yes - see members and webpage
Focus Social and fun

Charter[edit source]

Section 1: Preamble[edit source]

The Warriors of the Republic (WotR) are a Oceanic community and is primarily a Republic based social guild. Currently the guild has upwards of 200 members and both a Facebook presence and forums. We also are just starting a sister guild, Warriors of the Empire to suit those who prefer to play for the Empire. The WotR focuses on having a good time, enjoying the game and each others company, and helping each other. When it comes time to participate in Operations, raiding, PvP, Flash-points, or alike, members are expected to give their all while still having fun.

Section 2: What we looking for.[edit source]

We a primarily looking for mature players that are willing to have fun and enjoy the game. We do have a few requirements though...

i. Members must conduct themselves in a mature and respectful manner, both to other guild members and other players.

ii. Members must represent the guild in a positive manner.

iii. Be aware that you and all other members have free speech and are entitled to hold their own opinions and beliefs. That said, don't be a jerk. Action will and has be taken.

We Welcome those who are free-to-play as well.

Section 3: Code of Conduct.[edit source]

i. Members must conduct themselves in a mature and respectful manner, both to other guild members and other players.

ii. Members must represent the guild in a positive manner.

iii. Be aware that you and all other members have free speech and are entitled to hold their own opinions and beliefs. That being said, don't be a jerk, or you will get banned.

iv. All officers and members are to conduct and participate in guild events and activities in a fair and peaceful manner to the extent that their circumstances allow.

v. Most important of all: Have Fun!

Section 4: Guild Government and Leadership[edit source]

WotR is informally run by the Leadership body comprised of the Officers and those of higher ranks. That said, if a member has an issue they wish to raise, they are encouraged to speak their minds either to one of the Leadership body in private, in the in game Guild channel, on the Facebook page, or on the forums.

All decisions made are final... unless subject to change. :)

Section 5: Guild Structure[edit source]

Due to its size, there is some rough structure within the guild. The guild is organized into 4 main groups that represent members preferred play type.

Social- For members that like to do a little bit of everything, chat, flashpoints, PVP, Ops ect. Casual- This group is for players that don't wish to intact or participate in activities regularly. Recruits are also moved into this group upon promotion to full members unless they have stated a different preference. Hardcore- PVP, FP- This group is for people that primarily like to do flashpoints and or PVP (player versus player) Flashpoint- Is for players that like Hard mode flashpoints.

This does not mean that a player in Flashpoint can't PVP, just that it makes it easier to find like minded players. Players in these 4 groups can ask any officer or above to change to them to another at any time.

New members are placed into the "Recruits" group. Recruits have to prove themselves and undergo 'Recruitment trials' before being put into one of the member groups.

Section 6: Guild Ranks[edit source]


Ensures that all aspects of the Guild are running as smoothly as possible.

Guild Bank Manager

A Rank Set to the one who runs the guild bank. This person has control of guild funds and is in charge of ensuring there is enough gear for leveling, prizes for events and enough advanced items for End-Game players to get geared for Operations.


Officers are the ones that really run the guild (just don't tell the Guildmaster! ;) ) These are individuals who have demonstrated a measure of responsibility and willingness to take care of coordinating the various functions of the guild. Officers are responsible for organizing regular social events, and keep the peacew. Officers are also maintain the guild website and Facebook page.

Officers Alt

Exactly as it sounds, this is to make sure that even if an officer is on an alt character they still have the presence of an Officer and are identified as such, they are also given the privileges of a regular officer

Forum Members

A special rank given to those who have signed up to the guild website and forum. Signing up to the forum means Players can skip the Recruit trial period and gain greater access to the guild bank, as well as guild discussion and events on the Website.


Rank and file of the guild. They hold no special office and make up the biggest percentage of the guild. The have no specific commitments or requirements other then to follow the main goals of the guild.Members are organized into 4 groups, Casual, Social, Flashpoint and Hardcore PVP FP. These are play type preference groups. Players are moved from recruit to one of these groups after fulfilling membership requirements.


These are essentially members who are undergoing a trial period. They will be observed and monitored throughout their initiation process. If they survive the experience (and the hazing that sometimes occurs) they will become Members.

Alts of Member

A rank made to separate the normal players from their Alternate characters, to avoid confusion and make sure everyone knows that this particular character is not a Main.

Section 7: Conclusion and Summary[edit source]

The Warriors of the Republic are dedicated to creating a guild that is both a fun and social experience. Interact and help the guild grow and succeed. We aim to be as fair as possible, while enjoying all aspects of The Old Republic.

Recruitment[edit source]

If you are interested in joining the ranks of Warriors of the Republic, contact us in game or head over to our Forum