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[ Urge]

Urge is an english speaking (European) guild, on the republic side. The guild is planning to start playing on the release date of the upcoming Massively Multiplayer Game, Star Wars: The Old Republic.

After waiting for Star Wars the Old Republic for 2 years a group of gamers decided to swap from Dragons, to Lasers. After downing impressive, and challenging encounters in World of Warcraft we knew we were able to aim high for this game. We keep ourselves updated with the help of forums, videos and websites so we don't miss a single piece of news. All our members keep contact through skype and forums until the release, where we will get a ventrilo server, an easy way to communicate during raids.

Even though its still some time till the release, we are preparing, we want to be one of the top guilds (PvE wise) on our server. It is important for us to trust each other. If you sign up for a raid, it is important that you meet up, and finish the raid. A player that shows up to all raids will always have the advantage over a person who does not show up for all raids. We always expect that our raiders show up to 90% of our raids. Remember, no matter how good you are, you are useless if you do not show up for raids.

We don't force you to make an alt, but it's always nice to see members that are flexible. Some encounters might need a ranged tank, and if our Trooper tank is at a wedding, we might need an alt. We will ofc not expect that you can play all classes as good as your main, but every player should know a bit about the other classes. When this is said, we do not accept people who re-main their character every month or so.

We seek people that have experience with MMO genre. Even though BioWare has promised to get rid of the "tank and spank", they can find much inspiration from large competitors, such as Blizzard. We also appreciate people who come from other games than WoW, because that's where most of the players come from. Perhaps there may be similar encounters in the SW:TOR that we find in other mmo's, knowledge is important, in real life and in games.

We hope that we can find the funniest, most awesome and most skilled players, because gaming is all about having fun. We want to have a blast during raids, and outside raids. We want to be able to write history with this guild.

If you are interested in joining our guild, please visit our Website ( or contact us by E-mail ([email protected])