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Galactic Republic The Sons of light Galactic Republic
Faction Republic
Language English
Recruiting Open
Focus PVE, PvP
Server PvE

About the guild[edit source]

The Sons of Light is a highly organized Republic based guild, accepting only those who prove themselves as leader. We pride ourselves on our excellent communication with our members and our unique command structure. We are primarily administrative. This essentially means that our effectiveness in game play comes from our abilities to organize and lead.

History[edit source]

The Sons of Light had just been created, everyone was happy and everything was good until the original leader of the guild: Grand master Sylus decided that as leader he wanted total control over the guild. He started to take power from other members of the guild, those who used to be at the top of the guild were allowed to remain but with none of the power the originally possessed. Eventually some of the members spoke out against Sylus causing him to become angry, those that remained loyal to Sylus followed him, those that remained loyal to the SOL followed AM and the guild was split. In the aftermath AM was promoted to guild leader and the sons of light was able to rebuild.

Joining the guild[edit source]

Looking for something different? Looking for a chance to lead? Looking for a challenge? Composed of leaders, the Sons of Light is highly organized republic based guild. We pride ourselves on our excellent communication with our members and our unique command structure. We accept members based on their activity and determination to help improve the guild. Every member in our guild is an equal and has their own responsibilities. Every new applicant must go through a three step process before becoming a member. Through this system we ensure the integrity of our membership population is sustained. Positions of authority and responsibility are found everywhere within the Sons of Light. Each offers a challenge that if accomplished can make this guild great. For more information on the guild contact:

AM at:

Neo at:

Or me at:

Apply to join at and click on the applying to the SOL link on your right.

Alliances[edit source]

Prime defense

Divine vode

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