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Galactic Republic The Smuggler's Union Galactic Republic
Faction Republic
Recruiting Yes

About the The Smuggler's Union[edit source]

We are renowned as the Ultimate Galactic Crime Syndicate, meaning we are the most ruthless of criminals. We are good at what we do; raging war against oppressive laws. The Republic has graciously pardoned our criminals and granted us amnesty from law in order to wage war on the Empire. We are the last hope for the Republic.

Recruitment[edit source]

The Smuggler's Union is a Republic Guild that accepts all classes. We currently are working on a Jedi Academy, as well as a Recon Team for Troopers. We have an Operating High Council with a Guild Constitution, and a formal Union Structure, and the guild is broken into Fleets. Each Fleet is run by a Commodore, or a Lt. Ringleader, or a Smuggler Lord.

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