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The Sith Legion
Faction Rebel
Focus RP/PvP/PvE

Brief Summary[edit source]

The guild is a Heavy Roleplaying, Player Vs Player, Player Vs Enemy guild. We are interested in any Sith Empire class and are always open to new suggestions and query's. Our leader is Wkeeley (on the forums) and Darth Manovic in game. Most of our information is stored on our website and can be easily accessed by this link: [1]

Heavy Roleplay[edit source]

So what do i mean be Heavy Roleplaying? I mean actual Roleplay and to stay in character at all times. There is no lol-playing and character names must be feezable. Also to rank up from rank one in the guild you must make a character profile and post it on our website. Of course it doesnt have to be big just a few lines. For instance:

Name: XXXX
Age: 45

* Hungers for power
* Puts getting the job done first
* Loves Credits

* Was born on Alderonn
* Trained as a Jedi
* Was corrupted by the darkside of the force
* Became a Sith acoylyte then learnt to be a sith

And that's all basically. It can be that small to however big you like. All i want is to know your really into your character, and aren't going to suddenly go offline when you are ranked up.

Thanks for reading, if you wish to apply just follow this link [2]