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[ The New Order Of The Psijic]

Basic Info[edit source]

The The New Order Of The Psijic is an international RP guild, located on the Begeren Colony server (US, English, RP-PVE).

  • Leader: Kenni
  • Motto: The guild is casual but dedicated. The members are free to experience the game the way they want to, while still having the option to socialize and participate in events.
  • Focus: All Game Aspects, especially RP
  • Recruitment: Anyone who wishes to join is welcome, no matter where in the world they are or come from.
  • Website: Coming Soon

Rules[edit source]

  • Respect one another, both guild members and non-guild members. This includes having a mature attitude towards other players.
  • While roleplaying, actually roleplay. This means for example: using proper English (no net slang/1337sp34k), talking In Character in /say and /emote, and using a character name that is realistic within the time period and setting of SWTOR. Guild Chat is OOC, you are expected to be IC whilst using /say.
  • Nobody forces you to participate in any events; RL comes first, however in the interest of the guild, we would appreciate your participation if you are online at the time. If you always play on your own and never intend to engage with the guild, you won't be staying with us.
  • Don't ignore your guildies requests for help. We're here to help each other out.

Command Structure[edit source]

Kenni lead the guild. Distinguished members may become event organisers. Members are required to stay active.