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Sith Empire Hands of Darkness The Hands of Darkness Sith Empire
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Faction Sith Empire
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Treachery is the way of the Sith...

The Hands of Darkness is a shadowy faction within the Sith Empire, an alliance of individuals outraged by the Emperor's withdrawal from Republic space at the moment of final victory. Through the use of corruption and power, the Hands plot to continue the silent war and bring the battle to its ultimate, inevitable conclusion: the annihilation of the Republic and the Jedi.

Striking from the shadows, the Hands will use any means possible... even if it means defying the Emperor himself.

Unseen, Unknown[edit source]


The Hands of Darkness boosts their ranks from all different classes and professions. To those guided by the Force, the order offers freedom from the Emperor and allegiance only to the Dark Side of the Force. To those who do not feel the cold embrace of the Dark Side, the Hands are a path to power... or at least a means of striking back at a Republic who, through weakness, ignorance, or incompetence, has betrayed those it has sworn to protect.

Because of the secrecy surrounding the Hands, the exact time when the brotherhood was first created is unknown. It is speculated that the order first came into being during the Great War. The only certainty is that the members of the hidden faction remain united in one common goal: destruction. To most of the Sith, the Hands are a fable told by the Republic to sow chaos and doubt among the strong. To the Republic, it is the hushed whisper of a warning, a tale meant to inspire fear and uncertainty among an already weakened faction.

Though outwardly loyal to the Emperor, the Hands' ultimate loyalties remain to their order alone. As long as they feel the Emperor does the bidding of Dark Side, they may support the will of the Emperor and of the Dark Council. But if strength falters, there will always be a hand in the darkness waiting to seize the weak by the throat...

An Alliance of Hatred[edit source]

The Hands of Darkness is believed to have existed for far longer than most of its members realize. The brotherhood was rumored to have destroyed many Republic and Jedi targets during the Great War, using shadowy tactics and occasionally the banners of pirates or renegade Jedi. The Jedi discovered the real source behind the vicious attacks, and it was this Jedi knowledge that led Darth Derriphan, the Lady of Corruption, to ‘the Hands of Darkness’. In the aftermath of the Siege of Coruscant, Lady Derriphan found information on the brotherhood in the ruins of the Jedi Temple. As soon as the command was given to withdraw from Republic space, Derriphan sought out the leader of the brotherhood... Darth Mynock.

The retreat from Coruscant had left Darth Mynock enraged but he knew that openly defying the Emperor would not only destroy himself but Hands as well. Mynock retreated to a secret asteroid outpost, and it was there that the two Dark Lords met and Derriphan offered Mynock a proposal. The Lady of Corruption would use her assassins and spynet to greatly increase the power of the Hands. And in return, she demanded nothing less than joint leadership of the Hands.

Mynock decided to accept her proposition, and their alliance has had far reaching consequences...

The Lord of Power[edit source]

Lord Mynock is often referred to as the Lord of Power. A sobriquet given to him by his former master, Mynock earned his name through a constant lust and craving for more power. Meditation and control were parts of the force Mynock had no interest in mastering. Mynock learned much from his master Darth Neferius, but the apprentice's desire for power led to Neferius betraying and nearly killing him.

Mynock spent his time bettering himself in lightsaber skills as well as knowledge of the dark side in order to take revenge on his master. After he had slain his old master and taken the Darth title as his own, he discovered Neferius’ Holocron. In it Darth Neferius mentioned the rumors around a powerful brotherhood which had knowledge and powers that were long thought lost. This so called brotherhood used them to destroy all those whom opposed them and enact the will of the Dark side. He called it ‘the Hands of Darkness’. It became clear to Darth Mynock that his master believed the secret order to be real and his holocron had records recording his spend time on finding them within the Sith Empire. Darth Mynock became obsessed with finding the secret knowledge they held and started his own quest to find ‘The Hands of Darkness’.

It took him several years but eventually he found what he was looking for….. he was taken into the brotherhood after slaying his own commander as a sign of loyalty. Over time he became one of the most powerful members of the Hands. Driven by his craving for power he challenged the leader of the ‘Hands’ and after a brutal duel he managed to slay him.

Darth Mynock didn’t care whom he had killed but it was clear that the Sith whom had ruled the Hands of Darkness was a powerful one and most likely held office in the court of the Emperor himself. Now under the guidance of Darth Mynock the Hands of Darkness have adopted a new more aggressive approach in starting a new war to finish the Jedi once and for all!

However Lord Mynock would soon find out that power attracts corruption….

The Lady of Corruption[edit source]

Known as the Lady of Corruption, Darth Derriphan was born to nobles of the Mecetti House and a Sith cult known as the Mecrosa Order. From a young age, she grew up steeped in the corruption of the Dark Side. Taken by her cultist parents to a harsh Anzati Sith lord, Darth Terros offered the two knowledge and secrets of the Sith that would help topple the rival noble house Pelagia. In exchange, he demanded a sacrifice.

However, it was Derriphan's parents that did not survive the encounter with the Dark lord.

Taken on as the apprentice of the cruel Sith Lord, Derriphan learned how to drain the very Force from those around her and project it back out as pure Dark Side energy. For this reason, she took the title Darth Derriphan.

Searching in her master's belongings, she discovered the Anzati's secret... the reason he had been in hiding. He had once been a member of a brotherhood of Sith known as the Hands of Darkness, remnants of Sith Lords from the last Great Sith War. In his own bid for power, he had faced the head of the Order but was defeated and cast out into exile. He fled to Anzat, awaiting the time he could train an Apprentice and strike back at the Hands that had tossed him aside.

She knew his secret now. She had the upper hand over her master. When the day came when she felt she had learned all she could from her lord, she betrayed her master and murdered him. She returned to the Tapani Regions, re-establishing her Noble heritage and her place within the Mecrosa order. With their spy net under her command, she would seek out the Hands of Darkness that pursued her Master.

Derriphan scoured the galaxy for any clue that could lead her to the Hands of Darkness... and it was during the Sacking of Coruscant that she found the answer. In the bowels of the Jedi temple, she found information that named the head of the Hands as the enigmatic and power-crazed Darth Mynock. Knowing what she now knew she would seek him out with a simple offer: in exchange for her resources, he would give her the place her master had once desired as joint head of the Order.

Lord of Shadows[edit source]

Lord of Deception[edit source]

Darth Viscus is known as the Lord of Deception, a name derived from his knowledge of creating illusions with the dark side and, of course, his decieving nature. He is the eldest of the Shadow Council and revels in dark side power, knowledge and secrets.

Not even Viscus himself has kept track of his age, but around 80 years ago he was but a child on the cold world of Csilla, his home world. Son to a respected Admiral and a lonely child, it was only by chance that he became the...creature he is today. After being whisked away by an unnamed Sith Lord, he was taught in utter seclusion. His teacher himself was a man of twisted views and was often the subject of ridicule from his peers.

Viscus lived the life of a recluse but became quite the philosopher, he had a keen interest in the old traditions of the Sith and came to respect the faction as a 'religion'. He also had a sick interest for anatomy torture, the art of using the force to inflict internal pain by manipulating the body organs. After decades of time with his Master, Viscus eventually put him out of his misery and took his rightful place amongst an organisation known as 'The Bridge'. After cleansing the organization to seize total power, and gaining an old hulking Inexpugnable ship as his prize, Viscus found himself alone once again.

Viscus stalked the galaxy for many years gaining followers, influence in governments, trade contracts and ancient artifacts from many worlds. Upon the acquisition of an artifact known as the 'Talisman of Odan-Urr' Viscus came into contact with an Order who shared his interest in the powerful object. After a vicious space battle, with the order known as the 'Hands of Darkness', Viscus organised a face to face meeting with his pursuers, Darth Mynock, Darth Derriphan and Darth Thantos, to negotiate a ceasefire. At the meeting the thought of their combined power was too compelling to dismiss, ergo the Shadow Council was formed, and a more scrutinous iron fisted rule was placed above the Hands of Darkness...

Archives of Time[edit source]

Rise of the Brotherhood Era[edit source]

  • . BTC Founding of the Hands of Darkness: Mynock learns of potential new threat to the Empire, although no one believes the threat to be real Lord Mynock orders an investigation into the heart of the Republic. In the Jedi Temple the secrets are uncovered as Darth Thantos discovers that the Jedi have set out to reassemble the Talisman of Odan-Urr. Meanwhile Lady Derriphan has also learned of the threat and tries to use to her advantage.
  • 2 BTC Claim of Power: Lord Mynock finds and is recruited into the brotherhood known as the Hands of Darkness. He quickly rises to power and ultimately challenges and kills the Headmaster of the Hands of Darkness after a brutal fight. Mynock assumes control and adopts a more aggressive stance in the war.
  • 1 BTC Training of a Sith: Mynock discovers a talented youngster in the Force simply known as Kuo Lema (Thantos). He is impressed with the skill and power the man possesses and secretly trains him to serve him as his right-hand.

Re-Birth Era[edit source]

  • 0 ATC Sacking of Coruscant: Numerous Sith help attack the capital of the Republic, the Hands of Darkness are present in low key areas around the Jedi Temple. Mynock is infuriated when he is ordered by the Sith Empire to retreat, not wanting to expose his brotherhood he complies under heavy protest. This draws the attention of a certain Lady of Corruption
  • 0 ATC Alliance of Hatred: Darth Derriphan seeks out Mynock taking only a week to locate the secret hideout and making a proposal to the dark lord. Mynock reluctantly agrees to share his power in return for keeping his order secret and having control over Derriphan’s spy network.
  • 0.10 ATC Secrets of Coruscant: Mynock learns of potential new threat to the Empire, although no one believes the threat to be real Mynock orders an investigation into the heart of the Republic. In the Jedi Temple the secrets are uncovered as the Jedi have set out to reassemble the Talisman of Odan-Urr.

Archives Library[edit source]

  • Beyond the Events of the Path of the Hand: In the Great Library of the Nyssa Castle deep within the Tapani Sector the archivist helped preserve the events leading up to what we know as the Old Republic which are held in the Nyssa Library, the archives were transcribed into many different forms, holocrons, datapads, fliberplast journals and an aged technique called a lexicon, only few knew them books.

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Treachery is the way of the Sith...