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Galactic Republic The Grand Army of the Republic Galactic Republic
Faction Republic

Overview[edit source]

The Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) is here to permanently and strategically remove the Sith Empire from the galaxy. If you wish to be part of a distinguished guild, join GAR. We plan on being very active in PVP and a little bit involved in RP. We will also cover the PVE aspect of the game.

This is an active and fun guild for people of any age (mature behavior is required). We play on multiple platforms and games. There is no single leader of the guild as a whole; there are leaders of divisions of the guild. Some people of this guild have been playing online games together for many years and all of the leaders have experience with MMORPGs, FPSs, RPGs, and RTSs.

We are actively recruiting and we will train all that come to serve (play).

"We fight for the Republic and lead the way for freedom."

We have grown strong, but we're always looking for new soldiers.

About the Guild[edit source]

There are four divisions of this guild. The divisions are the 41st Ranger Battalion, 513th Shock Trooper Battalion, 312th Black Ops Unit, and the Remnant Order. The 312th Black Ops Unit is exclusive to hand-picked members by its commanding officer. Application to that unit is not permitted. Each division may have its own set of rules (as long as they do not conflict with the general rules of the guild) and they each have their own style of gameplay. To learn more about these divisions, read the information provided below.

GAR has a military ranking system and every soldier can earn promotions. Those who are especially active, good at combat, and able to teach others will be prime candidates to become non-commissioned officers.

41st Ranger Battalion[edit source]

First in Command: General Killshaw

Second in Command: none

Classes: Troopers, Smugglers

Focus: Light Infantry

The 41st Ranger Battalion is a light-infantry battalion. Rangers specialize in reconnaissance, and support operations. They have a well balanced mix of both heavy and light troopers/smugglers. The Rangers emphasize teamwork and infiltration to achieve their objectives. The 41st Rangers currently consist of one activated rifle company, Shadow Company, which is battle-ready.

Within the 41st Ranger Battalion is a special operations team known as Wolfpack Omega. This team is exclusive to hand-picked 41st members. Other information about this team is classified.

Be advised: nothing is permanently set for both the 41st and 513th battalion. A particular battalions' role on the battlefield may change during any confrontation with the enemy. It is further recommended that you look into both battalions before you apply. Spend some time with the leaders and members and don't just decide based on the name.

513th Shock Trooper Battalion[edit source]

First in Command: General Solus

Second in Command: Major TestyVenom90

Classes: Troopers, Smugglers

Focus: Heavy Infantry

The 513th Shock Trooper Marines specialize in heavy tactical operations. They utilize vehicles, heavy equipment, and brute force to tip the tide of battle in their favor. They're tasked with completing large-scale tactical insertions, urban conflicts, and high-risk missions. They excel in engaging enemies in grueling environments and hostile territories. The Shock Trooper Marines can handle any punishment that the enemy throws at them and can dish it right back at them ten-fold. In the wake of accomplishing their missions, they leave a sense of shock and awe after carving a path of utter destruction.

Be advised: nothing is permanently set for both the 41st and 513th battalion. A particular battalions' role on the battlefield may change during any confrontation with the enemy. It is further recommended that you look into both battalions before you apply. Spend some time with the leaders and members and don't just decide based on the name.

312th Black Ops[edit source]

Top Secret.

No data available.

Remnant Order[edit source]

Leader(s): Remnant Council

Classes: Jedi Knights, Jedi Consulars

Focus: Mixed (All types of Jedi)

The Remnant Order is a sect of the Jedi that believes they should have a more active role in the war. The Remnant fights alongside the 41st Rangers and 513th on the front lines. Led by the Remnant Council, the Remnant Order fights for freedom by means outside of the Jedi Order.

(Jedi are not granted command over any members in other divisions of the guild.)

How to Apply[edit source]

You may submit your application to the forums at the following link:

Please use the application form as shown on the forums and follow any supplied rules/guidelines. Check back frequently (a couple times a day) to see if your application has been accepted. The amount of time it takes to accept your application depends on what time of day you apply and what day of the week. We usually accept applications on the day that they are submitted. When registering with the forums, please use the name you intend to use in SWTOR. If you do not know what your name will be in SWTOR, we will be able to change it to match your in-game name at a later date.

After you apply, you will be given "Recruit" status. During your recruit stage, you can interact with each battalion to decide which one fits you best and then you can decide which one to join.

After you join, we accept any and all help with recruitment. If you are able to recruit someone, please report it to Kane or General Killshaw.

(Note that not the whole website is accessible to everyone. Once you have been accepted, the sections that matter to you are unlocked. You will be accepted as a recruit. You will then be put through a test to gain entry to one of the three factions. The rest of the website will then be unlocked so, don't be alarmed if it seems to lack information at first. Portions of the forum are hidden for security reasons.)

Why Join?[edit source]

We are an active guild that will strive to be one of the best and to make our members be the best that they can be.

  • We accept all timezones.
  • All races are accepted.
  • We will provide training, and try to provide weapons/armor.
  • We are serious when necessary (i.e. in battle), but fun and relaxed at other times.
  • We have an organized, active, and informative forum.
  • Jedi rankings are taken from Star Wars canon.
  • Squad and Platoon-based organization. You will get to know the people you will fight with.
  • We have a Guild Command Staff (the Commanding Officers of each division and Lord Kane of the Remnant Order).
  • We will consider any suggestions/ideas proposed by any of our members.

Guild Community Info[edit source]

We currently support a Ventrilo server. The Ventrilo is available to all members. Other forms of voice communication may be explored in the future if necessary.

We plan on playing on a PvP/RP server. Our main focus will be the PvP aspect of the game.

We currently have over 300 registered members on our forum. There are 50-100 active members.

Participation and proving you're a team player will gain you respect and honor in GAR.

"When you're part of this guild, you're part of something even greater. A band of brothers. We stand by each other until the day we die. We will never leave a single soul behind." -General Killshaw

There are more aspects to this guild that have not been revealed. Once you become a recruit, you will learn about the rest of our guild and be trained by the most elite Jedi, Troopers, and Smugglers.

Guild Videos[edit source]

Check these Channels on for our videos:

There are playlists dedicated to SWTOR on TestyVenom's Channel.

Specific Videos: