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Sith Empire The Force Reapers Sith Empire
Faction Empire
Recruiting Open
Focus Full RP/PVE/PVP

Within the Guild Community[edit source]

In this Guild they have:

  • Live Chat - Free to speak your mind.
  • Forum - Make your own threads and discuss.
  • Ranks - Get your own rank while playing SWTOR.
  • Storyline - The Guild have it's own story. They are making their own.
  • Full RP - Make your own character and make the Guild proved.
  • PvP & PvE - Just kill kill kill kill etc etc. For ruthless people.
  • Groups - Every class has it's own group. Find our kind.
  • Events - They have RP events and regular raids.
  • Social friends - They are an nice and helpful Guild.
  • And more to come!

About the Guild[edit source]

  • What kind of Guild is this?

The Force Reapers is for role players. They also have PvP & PvE. But it's mostly for Role players. They have their own story. You can be in it! They have ranks. So you are someone special in the the Guild. Honor the Council. The Reapers want nice and loyal players. Each class has its role in our Guild. People who can Star Wars and want to take a role in the story.

  • What is the age group?

We have put it at 15 + But we have members between 15-30 years. We don't take people by their age. Be nice!

  • Can I honor the guild and how?

They have a ranking system. The higher rank. The more respect you have in the guild. BUT you will also have to be a good teammate. They have something called "Rep" in the guild. You will be honored by how you are in the guild. Respect your master or teacher and you will be a great reaper!

  • What is Rep?

Rep is how good you are in the guild. How good Team player you are. And how good your work with the other players. You should be nice to the others in the guild. You have to help other players. Stuff like that gives you a great reputation. (Rep.) If you don't care about other players or you are stupid to someone in the guild, That will give you a bad reputation. Then you will not have access to certain ranks.

  • Does the Guild follow the sith full way?

The Reapers is built from "Darth Nihilus". We all know little about him so They did a story on him, or rather his followers. So they have their own leaders, etc. They are a part of the Sith, but we do not follow the Sith. Some members of the Guild do follow the Sith codes. But it is entirely up to you as a player.

  • What are reapers?

Reapers are an group of people within the Empire. They have their own beliefs and their own ways. They seek to control the force. They have respect and honor. They are warriors who fight for their people and their Lord. They dislike the Sith because they are selfish and are only after their own goals. They hate the republic for all their laws and regulations. Reapers are fighting only for their people and help their own.

Guild History[edit source]

Darth Nihilus - The first Force Reaper[edit source]

The Force Reapes was created many years ago. Under Darth Nihilus years. People how see and feed on the Force. More and more came and joined. They were sith allies! The Force Reapers know so much more about the force. They trust the dark side of the force. Darth Nihilus were their master of the force. They killed for him. They learned more about the force. Then he died. The Force Reapers faded away. Our power disappeared.. No leader.

Elix Demora - The second Force Reaper[edit source]

After many years The Force Reapers was built up again by a dark sider, in the name of Elix demora. He learned all about Darth Nihilus and his ways.

Elix rebuilt everything. He created his people. Their paths. So you could say that he was the one that started it all for real. But he is known as the Second Force Reaper. He was a master of strategy. He knew exactly what he would do. He had the same goals as Darth Nihilus, to kill the Jedi order.

But Elix had his people closer than Darth Nihilus had. Elix created super-soldiers with the help of the Dark Side. He create honor and respect for his people. Force Reapers were a proud people. Elix was a threat to the galaxy. He did not attack the Republic directly head on. He lured them to different places. Took them one by one.

Elix did not care about the Sith. He did not like their ways. No honor. No one to trust. For him, The Sith was lost and lonely. Yet he supported the Empire.

Elix had many allies. People that no one cared about. He was a wise man. But he did not hesitate to throw his men into war. But he trusted his Reapers. Gave them strength. He knew they would win. He used the civilians as eyes and ears. Much better than regular spies. Nobody cares about civilians. Elix could spy on all the major cities / planets. Without anyone knowing it.

His people, The Force Reapers, they move around in the galaxy. Elix trained his men. He gave his men titles for their skills. There was honor. Strict rules. But still freedom. The Reapers fought each other to see who was strongest. The winner received his honor while the others who lose, would have to practice more. Elix didn't exile or killed his people. He saw that there was always room for more training.

Not anyone could join Elix's people. Either Elix had found one by the force. Or Jedis who have lost battles against the Reapers. However, few join them. Most were born as the Reapers. They were Pure Reapers. However all was not born as Force Users. Those who were born as force users would immediately go and train in the Dark Art of Elix and his dark trainers. Those who were born without the force, they had to train themselves to get a warrior status .. (Most called Bounty Hunters or Agents)

Elix showed the way for all. All respected and honored him. The biggest victory for Elix was on the planet: Dathomir. They killed over 25 000 Republican soldiers on the ground. Elix cut down their Jedi Master then he pulled down their transport ship to the ground. The Republic never got to see their army again.

Elix considered himself as immortal. He was the death that would come to all the Jedis. But he realized something later that nobody knows about. He left his people. His council was killed by the Republic or the Sith. The Force Reapers disappeared. Nobody knows why.

But many years later Elix found Drimon, a new prophet. Elix had been waiting for him. Why, nobody knows. But he knew he was the new Force Reaper. Somehow Elix had survived all these years, it's a mystery how.

Darth Drimon - The third Force Reaper[edit source]

He built The Force Reapers again. Darth Drimon became the third Force Reaper. He gathered the strongest Sith students around the world and created its own Reaper Council. Darth Jerej and Darth Ekaan.

They will not lose or disappear again. Darth Nihilus died. Elix vanished. A great loss. But now they are stronger. The Force Reapers. They will have revenge. The Republic has become larger. But The Force Reapers has also become larger. In the shadow of the Republic, They have trained themselves for war. Learned new things on the force. They have eyes everywhere. Agents spying on the Republic. They also have agents within the Republic. Elix Demora had learned Drimon on strategy. How to get people on their side. Drimon had few civilians on their side. Although there were few they was very helpful. Drimons eyes and ears in the cities.

The Force Reapers. An echo. A memory for all Jedis. But behind their memories, they exist. Just a matter of time before they strike. They train new and better fighters. They will continue to do what their master did, kill the Jedis. Living on the force. See through the force. The Dark side is always with them. Drimon show them the right way. He shows that the dark side is right. Drimon never talk about his past. No one knows about it. It makes him more mysterious to others. It makes him more feared and respected.

Spies check every move the Republic takes. So they can move under the Republic radar. Sometimes they send out false emergency signals. The Republic sends sometimes Jedis. But they never came back. Either they join the dark side or they killed them. They have turned so many Jedi into the Dark side. Jedis are weak. They show them true power! A great mystery of the Republic. They have become very cautious. They know the Sith. But The Force Reapers is not where the Sith is. They move on their own. Unknown places.

There are civilians who are still talking about them .. Rumors going around. Tales of the dark force master. For some, they are heroes. But for most people, they are a myth. But soon they will see.

The Reaper Council[edit source]

The Council has 5 dark lords. They rule over all the Reapers. Everyone has a purpose.

Lord Drimon, Lord Ekaan, Darth Laedus, Darth Brutus, Warlord Caecus.

  • Head Master,

He is the lord over all. The master of the Guild. He decides everything. Everyone answers to him.

  • Right hand,

He is the Guild Master when the Head master is away. He takes the spot as Head master in the meantime.

  • Watcher,

He Is the Guild diplomat. He has an eye on the guild. He makes contact with other Guilds if it is something.

  • Overseer,

He Is the one who will help the newcomers and the members with lower levels. He'll handle the Ranking.

  • Warlord,

He organizes Raids. He will keep track so that all members who wants to join, joins the battle. And that there shall be extra if someone is gone.

Inquisitor Class Student - New to the guild. Acolyte = 10 PvP Kills Adept = 25 PvP Kills Seeker = 50 PvP Kills Weaver = 100 PvP Kills / 10 World bosses Alchemists = 250 PvP Kills / 20 World bosses Inquisitor = 500 PvP Kills / 50 World bosses Controller = 1,000 PvP Kills / 100 World bosses Lesser Sorcerer = 1,500 PvP Kills / How well your rep is High Sorcerer = 2,500 PvP Kills / How well your rep is and level High Master = 5,000 PvP Kills / How well your rep is and level

Warrior Class Student - New to the guild. Acolyte = 10 PvP Kills Fighter = 25 PvP Kills Lesser Warrior = 50 PvP Kills Warrior = 100 PvP Kills / 10 World bosses Dark Warrior = 250 PvP Kills / 20 World bosses Enforcer = 500 PvP Kills / 50 World bosses General = 1,000 PvP Kills / 100 World bosses Battle Lord = 1,500 PvP Kills / How well your rep is Dread Lord = 2,500 PvP Kills / How well your rep is and level High Knight = 5,000 PvP Kills / How well your rep is and level

Imperial Agent Class Shadow - New to the guild. Spy = 10 PvP Kills Soldier = 25 PvP Kills Corporal = 50 PvP Kills High Corporal = 100 PvP Kills / 10 World bosses Sergeant = 250 PvP Kills / 20 World bosses Lieutenant = 500 PvP Kills / 50 World bosses High Officer = 1,000 PvP Kills / 100 World bosses Battle Captain = 1,500 PvP Kills / How well your rep is Major = 2,500 PvP Kills / How well your rep is and level High Commander = 5,000 PvP Kills / How well your rep is and level

Bounty Hunter Class Hunter - New to the guild. Brawler = 10 PvP Kills Secutor = 25 PvP Kills Assassin = 50 PvP Kills Silencer = 100 PvP Kills / 10 World bosses Sergeant = 250 PvP Kills / 20 World bosses Provocator = 500 PvP Kills / 50 World bosses Eliminator = 1,000 PvP Kills / 100 World bosses Predator = 1,500 PvP Kills / How well your rep is Reaver = 2,500 PvP Kills / How well your rep is and level Archangel = 5,000 PvP Kills / How well your rep is and level

How ranking will look like. The highest ranks within the Guild. Guild Leaders. Reaper Council

Group Leaders. Grand Master > Tier Grand Knight > Malaius Supreme Captain > Tharannian Dominus > Grogg

Champions of the Guild Reaper Master Reaper Lord Reaper Commander Archangel