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The Cult of Infernal Necromancy
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Guild Focus[edit source]

The Cult of Infernal Necromancy is a heavy roleplay guild with very strict policies. We usually plan roleplay events with similar guilds and PVE activities throughout weekdays. The Cult (NCR) is not a group of roleplayers but it is a very regimental system of players with a ranking system. The objective of senior members is to provide a long-lasting and memorable experience for members of the cult. Essentially the criteria of roleplaying is to acknowledge the ranking system and to not talk in an obtrusive manner. The guild has been founded in 1999, and although diminished in other MMORPG's a longterm bond is kept between players out of game. We believe that a sense of community is more important then the overall gaming experience, making friends and understanding discipline is definitely something all of us could use.

We do not judge your rank based entirely on your skill, nor will we deny you entry in to the cult based on level. An individual could climb to the higher levels without drawing a sword. We have always preferred the company of both hardcore players and casual players, in this way there's an opportunity that all types of player may learn a playing style that is unique and in doing so allowing the character to grow within the game.

The cult is not necessarily a group of atheists or satan worshipers, we accept all types of people as long as they meet the requirements listed on the website.

Goals[edit source]

The Cult of Infernal Necromancy strives to achieve a well founded community. Evil as we may act, we will do as much as possible to exist within the SWTOR storyline and events. The main goal of the senior members is to create a positive gaming experience for all players. We want our guild to be long-lasting and have a veteran group of members that are pro-active and dedicated to the role-playing community.

Membership[edit source]

What does it take to join the cult? - Patience. To understand that with taking a lot of steps you are allowing yourself to learn of the cults ways and learning about yourself in the process. We accept all classes except Jedi Knight and Jedi Counselor, skill ranges from beginner to professional, ages from 10 to 99. As long as you will obey the ranking system, the uniform code and of course the requirements of roleplay you should be accepted within the cult.

Application[edit source]

We are presently accepting members through a manual application process. Once you've contacted us you will be required to fill out an application and be queued for a test of dedication and roleplay ability. If you fail to comply with the test then you will not be granted membership. It is free to apply to our message boards at our website through an online application form.