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We are Superbia Avaritia....Sith Imperial Guild in Star Wars The Old Republic massive multiplayer online game.

We are a on a PVE server "Canderous Ordo", but many of us do enjoy PVP'ing. We are on a EST time zone server, and most of our guild activities are scheduled during the 9pm-midnight hours, Eastern Standard Time.

I am Superbia, aka nicejedi(swtor forums name). As guild leader I fascilitate and help coordinate our nightly guild activities. I consider myself a Hardcore gamer, I make it a point to know all heroics, raids, flashpoints and even the small stuff, like which materials are used for all crafting skills. I play all classes, and I strive to be the person you can ask any question about the game and get an informative answer and the person leading the latest raid or flashpoint for our members.

I schedule nightly activities 7 days a week. I'm going to take it slow the first month as people get comfortable and try new classes, but come Feb 1st the calendar will be full, each and every day.

Don't play every night? No Problem, chances are when you are able to play, I will be fascilitating some group event you can partake in. We accept all types of players, casual to hardcore, full PVE to mostly PVP. All I ask of our members, or expect of them is respect for each other and a level of maturity while in guild chat channels & TeamSpeak.

Here are a few features of our guild:

Nightly mission runs and/or operations

Team Speak 3 server, capable of 512 users

Guild Website with calendar and forums

Friendly Mature Comraderie

We are a guild of family and friends that hope to play together for years in SWTOR, and we look forward to meeting like-minded people ingame and welcoming them to our guild. So if you are interested in talking to us, please contact me ingame, or at or go here