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Sith Empire Sunder Military Gaming Sith Empire
Faction Empire
Recruiting Open
Focus PvP/PvE

Welcome to Sunder Military Gaming![edit source]

Sunder is recruiting for teamwork based PvP and PvE gameplay. We are a militaristic organization that plays multiple games. This does not mean that all of our members are in the military. It means that we use military structure and chain of command to accomplish our goals. Sunder is open to all mature members of the community.

We are currently recruiting all classes. We are a group that is focused on PvP and also raiding content. We will be playing on a PvP server at launch. We intend to have a strong showing of members playing TOR on launch day, but we are looking for a members to compliment our core raid groups, our pvp ranks, and members who enjoy the social aspect of community and Star Wars.

Our recruitment process requires a short application. This is meant as a way for us to get to know you and allow you to get to know us a bit. We want to make sure we are a good fit for you and you are a good fit for us, without wasting your time. The application is located on our website at

What Sunder Military Gaming Offers[edit source]

  • Active fire team support – You will never be alone or without support in Sunder
  • A mature, calm & organized gaming group who utilize Militaristic structure & teamwork
  • Honor, Loyalty, and Friendship to all members from new players to Commanding Officers
  • Respect to those in our outfit and those in the community
  • Strong communication – we utilize the best available technology to provide our members with the means necessary to communicate in and out of game
  • The leadership of Sunder is here to support you and help you achieve new heights in game, as well as provide structured and organized gameplay with strategic PvP and PvE planning and gaming

Who is Sunder Military Gaming[edit source]

Sunder is a militaristic organization. What this means is that our structure, planning, and chain of command are based on military standards. We use real life tactics where possible and adapt tactics to the games that we play that work. Sunder is more than a guild, Sunder is a gaming organization that has built a community for it's members. Our core values are Honor, Loyalty and Friendship and we live our values in everything we do in the community inside and out of the game.

Honor, Loyalty, Friendship[edit source]

More than just our motto, these values are present in everything we do. Sunder is an Honorable organization. We don’t tolerate exploiting, cheating, trolling, or griefing. A Sunder member is not just part of the Sunder Community but also a part of the gaming community at large. Members are expected to interact with that community and Sunder with respect and honor.

Loyalty is expected of all of our members, but it is also given to them by Sunder as an organization, the leadership of Sunder, and the other members of the community. We will not leave you behind or hanging out to dry. If you participate in this community you will reap the benefits.

Sunder has fostered many long term Friendships over time. Having friends to play with enhances the games we play in many ways. Even the most boring in-game activities can become enjoyable and fun with the right people around. This doesn’t just apply to friendships that are formed. We don’t view our members as just another warm body, but as friends that we welcome into our home here at Sunder.

Points of Contact[edit source]

Visit our homepage - Sunder Military Gaming Application - Submit Application Contact Us - Contact Us