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Galactic Republic Smugglers Alliance Galactic Republic
Faction Republic
Recruiting Yes
Focus PVE

About the Smugglers Alliance[edit source]

"The Home of Beer, Pie and Scoundrel minded folk"

The Smugglers Alliance is intended for friendly and knowledgeable players, some who will have a good understanding of the mechanics of the combat system used. But the guild is also for simply enjoying the game for what it is: Fun in a Galaxy Far, Far away...

This is a former Starwars Galaxies guild with plenty of chatty members here on SWTOR.

All classes are welcome in the guild, especially smugglers.

Recruitment[edit source]

Smugglers Alliance is a republic guild that accepts all classes.

We are primarily looking for people interested in Smuggler lore and the Scoundrel way of life. That being said, as a guild, we most definitely do recruit and welcome other professions - after all, no guild can survive on one profession alone, all that is required is a desire to be a shady kind of good.

You don't have to be 18+ years of age to join Smugglers Alliance, although it is only fair to point out that our average age is in the 34-39 age bracket and we do understand that family does come first; no one will ever be penalised for having out-of-game commitments.

A fondness for humour and it's ability to improve most situations is also pretty essential around Smugglers Alliance Members.