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in 5000BBY a group of sith crashed on Kesh. The Keshiri believed in a society of gods called the Skyborn. The sith took full advantage of this. They created a circle of sorcerers that could forsee the future and were able to manipulate it. Falsifying the profecy of the chosen ones balencing the force, Inducing the birth of the chosen one and enslaving Anikin Skywalk's mother and nameing her skywalker or (Blood of a god (jedi are so dumb)). The skyborn are followers of naga sadow, emperor palpatine's sith sect. mmm was it all a set up?. Are the skyborn that sidious! "Skyborn" was introduced in John Jackson Miller's Book Lost Tribe of the Sith: Skyborn.)

NEXT PLANED EVENTS: (update 27/04/2012) **Saturday 9am tatooine world boss. 28/04/12 ** Sunday 9am Aest +10 datacron hunt need mggs and gsc.