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Sith Syndicate[edit source]

Guild Info[edit source]

Server: Prophecy of the Five

Focus: PVP, PVP, PVP, Social/Having Fun


Method of Recruitment: Whisper anyone in the guild / the leaders

Guild Leaders: Dymitr, Breskeko, Varies

Guild Events[edit source]

World PVP[edit source]

When: Saturdays (Weekly)

What: Stir up world pvp, since we all agree it is way more fun than the instanced warzones. Often visiting republic bases on Tatooine and Oricon, we've seen huge battles started as the pubs start recognizing we're looking for some fun and bring out their guildies.

Tournaments[edit source]

When: Wednesday (Weekly)

What: We hold inter-guild tournaments to improve our own skills, and for the fun of it. It is divided into 5 level brackets, so that low levels may also participate. Entry is free for anyone under level 55. The level 55 bracket is extremely competitive, and has a 100,000 credit entry fee, which is dispersed to the winner of that bracket.