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Sith Empire Sith Scum Sith Empire
Faction Empire
Recruiting Not actively
Focus PvP / PvE / Casual

About Sith Scum[edit source]

The guild started out as RebScum, back in the days of Star Wars Galaxies. When World of Warcraft was released, RebScum moved to WoW and continued as the Alliance guild The Shadow Legion on Aggramar-EU.

Now, back in Star Wars: The Old Republic, the Dark Side has lured the good people of RebScum into its evil cluthes. RebScum is henceforth known as Sith Scum.

Sith Scum has been placed on the server Hidden Beks.

Objectives[edit source]

Soon to come.

Allies and Adversaries[edit source]


  • None yet


Recruitment and Application Information[edit source]

Apply on the SW:TOR website, and search for the guild Sith Scum!