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Sith Empire Sith Happens Sith Empire
Faction Sith Empire
Recruiting Open

History[edit source]

Sith Happens was officially founded in June of 2010 as a collection of players from past MMO's and FPS games. Many of the members have played in various games such as Star Wars Galaxies, World of Warcraft, AION, Age of Conan, Battlefield Series as well as Starcraft II. The guild is currently recruiting for the upcoming launch of Star Wars: the Old Republic. Sith Happens is primarily PVE and PVP based with emphasis on grouping, questing, crafting and play vs player combat.

The current leader of the guild is Trevelyan who co-founded the Knights of Kauri guild which was a Republic guild on the Kauri server of Star Wars Galaxies.

Recruitment[edit source]

The guild is currently looking for mature players with a good deal of MMO experience. They are not a hardcore guild and would prefer players that are looking for a relaxed, casual gameplay experience. They are focused primarily on instances and questing. End game progression will come later once a good player base has been established. Players wishing to join can currently apply at their [1].

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