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Sith Empire Shadow Sith Sith Empire
Faction Sith Empire
Recruiting Applications
Focus Medium to Hardcore - PvP, PvE, light RP, Social/Progression.

Overview[edit source]

Founded on September 13th, 2010, the Shadow Sith Clan is a +8-10 GMT Oceanic gaming guild who are aimed at being involved in PvP (Warzones ), PvE raiding (Progression End-Game) and light RP upon release.

Our guild structure consists of a Dark Council (management group) and Clan 'Terror' Cells, which are clan sub-groups of members. On direction from the clan’s leadership, multiple Cells will work together to perform various raiding events or gatherings. On a bigger scale in the future our guild may cooperate with other 100% Sith guilds to form Sith hordes.

We will be playing on a PvP Server for added depth and incentive for people to hone their skills.

Objectives[edit source]

Shadow Sith has 3 main objectives:

1. Maintain a healthy and active community for individuals who are dedicated to playing SWTOR

2. Provide an enjoyable guild atmosphere where performance and effort are recognised and rewarded

3. Keep drama to a minimum and ensure that any risen issues have been dealt with effectively

Recruitment Criteria and Information[edit source]

We are accepting applications. Post a thread and apply.

In order to cater for our main aim, Shadow Sith is looking for mature Oceanic members aged 16+. A (to be defined) maximum guild population will be confirmed soon.

We are looking for gamers who are intending to play in one or more of the following 3 gameplay styles:

PvE/PvP Casual (+8-10 GMT)] – Being casual does not mean non-active. You must remain active and log in regularly once the game is out. Contribution to the guild, may it be resources, idea input, and forum activity, is extremely important. Communication is mandatory – guild socializing is what we strongly enforce and encourage. PvE/PvP raiding for casuals will also be available, but will be separate from our main raid group for progression. Depending on application activity, a limit on the member invites will be determined.

PvP Events/Warzones (+8-10 GMT) – Players must have the capacity to exhibit great interest in destroying the enemy and be able to take orders on the battleground as a team. Being an active individual and consistently communicating with the raid leader (via Teamspeak 3 – which we’ll be getting soon) is extremely important. Gameplay hours for specific PvP events are to be discussed. Depending on application activity, a limit on the member invites will be determined.

PvE Progression Raiding – End-Game (+8 GMT) – PvE raiding will be an important aspect of the guild’s activities. Currently, we have members who are very keen on PvE Endgame and have a vast experience in WoW. We are currently looking for players who are interested in end-game and intending to focus their time and abilities on this aspect. Although not confirmed, our intended raid hours are between 7-10 pm Western Australia Standard Time. The days are not confirmed and will be determined on new members and their intended gameplay hours/days. Depending on application activity, a limit on the member invites will be determined.

Guild Rules & Guild Structure[edit source]

Our guild rules and guild structure can be found on our “Clan Charter” - [[1]]

“Release your anger and join what will become one of the meanest and most focused Sith groups of SWTOR and together we will hunt the Republic scum to the end of the galaxy.”