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[ Respect In Gaming]

R.I.G. - Respect In Gaming is the start of a community of like minded guilds and players to join us in creating a great community on one or two servers.

A little about us:[edit source]

Hay all. we want to get some info out to as many as we can about R.I.G. (Respect In Gaming). We are not just one guild, but many who are coming together to make a great community for launch.

Most of this was taken from one of R.I.G.'s founders, Ty-Odi...

Please note, we are not about being a rule making body, or forcing people to play in any particular way, we are merely trying to attract people who share these values to come and join us on an "as yet to be determined server". No outside moderation or ruleset is required or even wanted by us.

We want to thank all who have joined and supported this movement as of to date and we look forward to the many new guilds and players we meet along the way. Thank you all for your continued support, it has overwhelmed me just how many people seem to not only be so supportive, but just how many seem to want such a thing to succeed.

As such, we have set up a forum which I hope you will all pop on to and say hi, the forum is set up so that like minded individuals and guilds can meet up, and hopefully bring this idea to fruition.

R.I.G. Respect In Gaming

You are all most welcome to come along and if you know of any others who wish to be a part of this, or you think might be interested, please send them our way!

The importance of a good community cannot be overstated. Combat can suck and end game can suck, but if the community is strong enough, it can keep even the most mundane game going for many years. Just look at SWG: great game in some ways and a complete shocker in others, but through it all, even through the worst decision in MMORPG history (The NGE), many stuck with it because of the people who played it rather than the game, itself.

What we are proposing will not be for everyone, and we respect that, but we are more of what you would call old school MMO’ers (not meaning we are elitist but rather we have been around in many MMO's and remember what a good community can be like). For us, no matter how polished a game may be, no matter how fun the combat or story, that shine will eventually wear off. For us it then becomes the “people” behind their characters who make or break the game. It’s the people who keep you playing it night after night, year after year.

We have witnessed a slow but steady decline in the level of respect that people show one another in the MMO genre. Talking about the respect that you should just show to all your fellow men and women. Manners, common courtesy, and treating complete strangers with the same kindness you’d want shown to you.

I used to utterly love PVP. It was my main focus in an MMO. I can recall countless close fought battles, some where I got completely wiped and others when I utterly owned someone. Yet through it all, there was never any feeling that you needed to mock or taunt your opponent or to send messages about someone’s mother and so on. People simply /bowed and went on to the next fight. Sometimes they would even stop, pull you aside, and give you some hints or tips on how to improve - what skill template to try out and what weapon/armour type to use. In this environment PVP was not only a great place to be, but also a fantastic place to learn and get better. It was just fun, yet it lost none of its competitiveness.

PVP now is often a constant barrage of abuse, taunting, and the feeling that you need to humiliate your opponent. This has sadly ruined the thing that I once loved and has largely put me off it. I know I am not the only one.

To borrow a quote from Coach Carter (great film):

Coach Carter - What gives you the right to taint the game that I love with trash talk and taunting? What gives you the right to wear Richmond on your chests (exchange this for PVP) and act like punks?

Player (worm) - Coach, they were jawing too.

Coach Carter - So? You can't show some class? Act like a champion?

This little bit really sticks with me. Why has this crept into the PVP crowd? Why is this the way people feel they need to be in order to enjoy PVP? Why is it people can’t show some class? Take enjoyment simply from beating someone, and being the best they can be? PVP used to be about notoriety, about being known as one of the best PVP’ers on your server. People had a semblance of respect for those who were good at it. Now it feels like a niche crowd.

It’s not just in PVP. I often see people become impatient with people who are trying to learn. Sure, wiping out sucks when someone lets you down by making a mistake, but if you point out the mistakes in a constructive and positive manner they likely won’t make them the second time. If you do this a few times, you have even more people to PVP or raid with.

It is due to these changes that you see less people percentage wise taking part in PVP these days (I don’t have statistics, but personal experience suggests this is the case) and raiding groups often become elitist and turn a game into a job. What gets to me is that these same people then bemoan that there are not enough decent people to take part in these events. They find getting a group together to be bothersome and extremely time consuming and frustrating for a raid, or dull and boring and relatively lonely in PVP. (Note: This tends to happen in games with smaller populations.)

If people acted with some class and some patience, took these ‘Newbs’ through these raids, helped them to learn to PVP, and explained their mistakes with courtesy - how they can improve and so on - more people would take part in them. No one likes to get owned in something. Not in a game they play for fun. To then mock them and humiliate them on top of this often then leads to people simply walking away from these experiences. If they are not fun to learn in, people won’t participate.

Respect and common courtesy, even just helpfulness was common when I started out in MMO’s but seems to have become more rare and hard to find. This is why, above all other things, I would dearly love to get a group of individual people, as well as a set of guilds who share similar sentiments, to all try and play on one or two servers. They could set an example. They could show people how things can and should be done. They could have thriving PVP environments and raiding groups. We could make it fun, competitive, and a great place for newer gamers (or people who would have previously shunned some of this content) to come and try their hand at it. We could make it a fun and enjoyable experience to not only be good at this stuff, but also make it fun for new people to learn.

I have seen many threads about mature servers or adult servers. What we really need isn’t age-locked servers, we just need to show a bit of understanding and respect to people. We need to try to help people, not just look out for ourselves or wait for someone else to change things. We need to put the fun and enjoyment of others on par with our own. We need to put others first, sometimes.

This is not to deride the MMO community of today. Far from it. I still encounter many good, well-mannered and respectful people in games. I would dearly love to try to get those people together on one or two servers to try and bring back some of what has been missing in the MMO world. Call it mature servers if you will. Personally, I prefer the term ‘respect’ over "mature".

If a server came up like this, would it appeal to you? Or your guild? If so, let’s seriously try and make this happen!

This may not be everyone’s idea of fun, but I think building a strong pre-launch community of like-minded people can make a difference for everyone on that server. We’ve written a tentative charter to describe our goals, and we’d like others to join us in having fun.

Our draft charter: (comments and revisions are welcome)

The goal of this charter is to form a group of like-minded individuals and guilds on one or more servers to foster a sense of community and respect among all players.

By signing this charter, you agree to do your best to show your fellow players the same mutual respect and courtesy that you would like to receive in return.

There are no official rules to this charter. It cannot be policed or monitored by an outside party or the development team. We will uphold it ourselves using simple common sense. We pledge our faith in community and in each other. By signing, you agree to do your part to protect these ideals.

You can check out an interview that was done on R.I.G. and one of it's founders, Ty-Odi, here

Again, if you share the same opinions and ideals as R.I.G. does, feel free to stop by the site and register. And if you know any like-minded guilds or players direct them our way as well. It's up to us to make the best of our community. We're just trying to put as many people together as we can who feel the same way. We have all aspects of guilds and players joining us on a daily basis. i.e. US guilds/players, Uk guilds/players, people who enjoy PvP, those who enjoy PvE and those who would rather RP. Anyone and everyone who share these goals and beliefs are welcome.

Due to work restraints atm, I probably won't be replying to this thread that often, so for any Q&A, please check out R.I.G. as well.

Thanks for reading.