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Sith Empire Reign Sith Empire
Faction Empire
Recruiting Open
Focus PVE/PVP/RP-Lite

Within the Guild Community[edit source]

In this Guild they have:

  • Forum - Make your own threads and discuss.
  • Live Chat - Free to speak your mind.
  • Medals System - Earn medals for various accomplishments.
  • Guild Points System - Earn points for forum activity and earned medals.
  • Ranks - Get your own rank while playing SWTOR.
  • RP-Lite - Make your own character and participate in RP at your leisure.
  • PvP & PvE - Activities planned for both aspects of the game.
  • Social friends - They are an nice and helpful Guild.

About the Guild[edit source]

  • What kind of Guild is this?

REIGN is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild dedicated to furthering the Sith advance. We are a casual-friendly, role-playing lite guild that focuses on establishing a tightly knit, drama-free community with the intention of having fun as our first and foremost priority. We strive to eliminate the ideals associated with mega-guilds where you are nothing more than a number, forced to specialize your class a certain way to fill a niche, and complicated bureaucracies can get in the way of simply enjoying the game and the guild. To this end, our recruitment efforts ensure every single member of the guild is dedicated to that same cause.

Guild Charter[edit source]


Reign is a role-play friendly guild for the MMORPG - Star Wars: The Old Republic. Our first and foremost objective is to create a fun, yet mature environment for adults (17+) filled with exciting events, missions, battles and filled with interesting and rich lore.

We're also a guild for players who are seeking a tight-knit community with like-minded individuals. We have a zero tolerance policy for drama, so our members can enjoy themselves without having to deal with the issues caused by immature people.


The guild was first established in 2010 by a group of veteran gamers who helped build previous guilds they had been a part of for other games. Over the past couple of years these members have developed strong friendships and bonds with one another which have lasted the test of time. We're now in the process of creating a new community for Star Wars: The Old Republic by applying everything we've learned from our previous experiences and improving every aspect of how the guild should be managed.

We strongly believe the fate of an entire guild should not rest on the shoulders of just one person, nor should the decisions made that affect all its members be left solely to one favored group to benefit only themselves. We view each and every member as an asset to the guild and we strive to never let our members feel like they're just another cog in the wheel or be told what kind of character they can and can't play. It's your character, time and money and without our members the guild would be nothing. At the end of the day we seek to provide our members with a mature and rich gaming experience filled with exciting events, missions, battles and backed by interesting and in-depth guild lore.

Our goal is to establish a solid member base and give our members the opportunity to get to know one another, make friendships, plan events, create back stories, etc. This allows us to be better prepared to take on whatever the magnificent and cunning universe of Star Wars throws at us.


Reign is a roleplaying-friendly guild and we encourage our members to participate in roleplaying events and activities. Members who are not roleplayers will never be forced to roleplay, but they are required to respect and not ruin the roleplay experience for others. The same can be said for roleplayers negatively interfering with the non roleplayers gaming experience.

All members are required to have a believable roleplaying name that sounds like your character actually belongs in the Star Wars universe. This means your character must have an actual name and not a title, phrase or other handle that would be deemed out of lore.

Character names are required to be unique!

Don't use:

  • Names comprised of multiple words (Nounverb, Verbnoun, Adjectivenounverbnoun etc.). For example, "Ipwnnoobs," or "Killyou" will not be acceptable.
  • Names specific to well known historical or modern day celebrities, political, religious figures. No name like "Jesus" as an example.
  • Names that will obviously be offensive to a specific group of people. I won't even go into detail here. If you aren't sure, do not use it.

If you need help coming up with a name just let us know and the guild will be more than happy to come up with suggestions.


Reign has a strict age policy of 17 years and older. We recruit by using an application system that helps us greatly in attracting the right type of people to become a part of the community.

The application system basically works by having someone whom is interested in joining the guild fill out the guild's application. Upon submitting the application it will be reviewed by the guild during your week-long trial.

It's extremely important that people interested in joining realize not every guild is for them and vice-versa. This is why we have a trial process. The whole purpose of this system is to get a general idea of the person applying to the guild. The application allows us to get a basic understanding of you and your interests.

Code of Conduct

Please see our Code of Conduct for a complete list of the general rules/guidelines of the guild. Bear in mind that our foremost priority is to have fun and we don't wish to bog down the guild with complicated rules and things, but this Code of Conduct serves as a general guideline to let our members know what is expected of them. Most of these guidelines are common sense.

Code of Conduct[edit source]

Reign is a mature and respected guild within the gaming community and we expect a certain level of maturity to be exhibited by our members both in game and out to maintain our reputation. To help provide an understanding of the basic behaviors that are deemed unsuitable, please refer to the following:

  1. Respect your fellow guildmembers. Reign does not condone harassment or discrimination of any kind, whether based on age, color, race, gender, belief, physical or mental disability, ethnicity, physical appearance, political affiliation, sexual orientation, or any other basis, is strictly forbidden. Members who make offensive or discriminatory remarks to another member will be issued an official warning and asked to apologize. Failure to do so may result in expulsion. A second offense will result in automatic expulsion from the guild. There will be NO statute of limitations between prior official warnings.
  2. We have no room for predators, perverts or stalkers of any kind. However, we are a mature guild and undoubtedly there will be topics of conversation that include adult content. Members who cross the line and engage in any form of sexual harassment will warrant an automatic expulsion from the guild.
  3. Respect other gamers. Just because someone is being a jerk or acting inappropriately does not give you the right to return the action back to them. However, you have every right to place said person on ignore, drop groups, or group kick them in such instances. We do not condone acts of ganking, camping or otherwise participating in acts that detract from the enjoyability of the game for others. We do not discourage PvP, quite the opposite actually, but there's no reason to consistently harp on those who cannot defend themselves.
  4. Remember that this is a roleplaying-friendly guild. While you will not be forced to RP, please do not ruin anyone else's RP experience. Feel free to join in all the RP you want, but bear in mind that just because we are an RP-friendly guild does not mean we tolerate lude/explicit RP in guild chat or here on the forums. What you decide to do in tells or through other private means is your business. Please keep it that way.
  5. Please use discretion when airing grievances. Guild chat is not the place to be airing your grievances with another member, nor is open Vent. If you have a problem, please take it to PM's or in-game tells. If needed, notify any Overlord or Sovereign to help mediate the situation.
  6. Please use common etiquette in Vent. If someone else is talking, please do not try to talk over them. During organized guild events, such as raids, PvP, etc... only those designated should be talking in order to coordinate people. Social events are a different story and open chat is encouraged.
  7. Group play and guild activity is encouraged. Reign strongly encourages our members to team up and play together as much as possible. We encourage our members to play selflessly and as part of the team, lending a helping hand when others are in need. Solo play is fine, but we still encourage active participation in guild chat and on the forums so that everyone can contribute to the community feel of our group and get to know one another. We hope that by doing so, our members will actively want to group and play with one another.
  8. Members are also encouraged to attend as many scheduled guild events, missions and raids as possible. It's in our members best interests to stay up-to-date with guild events and news by checking the website and forums regularly. If a player will be inactive for more than 30 days he/she will need to notify one of the leaders/officers in-game or on the forums. Inability to do so will result in loss of rank and the player's status will be moved to inactive. If after 60 days there is still no activity from the member, they will be dropped out of the guild.Reinstatement is possible depending on the reasoning behind the inactivity
  9. We strongly encourage all members to wear/carry designated guild colours, symbols, items and uniforms to display guild solidarity. We acknowledge that individualism is very important in MMORPG's and we will not enforce our colours, etc onto our members. Although it would be nice to see in groups and guild events that we look uniformed and part of a team.
  10. Reign forbids our members from joining other guilds in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Out of respect and loyalty to the guild and your guild members, all members should avoid favoring another guild over your own.
  11. We pride our members with being loyal and dedicated. Members who leave the guild on their own accord should decide wisely because re-entry is not permitted unless approved by the Sovereigns.

We want everyone to have fun in Reign. These rules are not meant to limit anyone. Instead, these are to ensure everyone enjoys the guild and to preserve the good name we will be establishing in game. Penalties for breaking these rules can range from a simple warning from an Overlord/Sovereign to immediate guild removal depending on the severity. Most of these guidelines are common sense... if you wouldn't want people doing it to you then don't do it to other people.

Promotion Policy[edit source]

To reward those dedicated and active members that have been with us for some time, Reign would like to recognize these members with a special veteran member rank. Veteran members shall be known as Acolytes. The promotion requirements and procedure are listed below:

First, the member must meet all of the following requirements in order to be considered for a promotion to the Acolyte rank:

  • Must be in good standing in the eyes of the Overlords and Sovereigns
  • Must be a member of the guild for at least 3 months
  • Must be active in-game by showing up for guild events, grouping with guildies, etc.
  • Must be active out of game by regularly visiting and participating on the website forums, Vent channel, etc...

In addition to meeting the above requirements, promotions shall be considered based on the member's general attitude, contributions, and overall presence in the guild at the discretion of the Overlords/Sovereigns.

When a member achieves all of the above in the eyes of the Overlords/Sovereigns, they will be placed into a review period whereby the Overlords/Sovereigns will collaborate and vote on whether the member is truly deserving of a promotion. The review period will be conducted without the member's knowledge in order to best gauge their normal behavior.

Upon successfully passing the review period, the member will be notified publicly on the website of their promotion and will be promoted in game.

Please note that the benefits of being an Acolyte are still being worked out at this time and will be decided in the near future. Quite obviously, should a position, or need for a position, open up in the Overlord ranks, Acolytes will be considered first.

Attendance Policy[edit source]

Reign maintains an attendance policy to ensure our members remain active both in and out of game. Active members are the lifeblood of a guild and as such Reign expects it's members to be active both in-game and here on the guild forums/website.

As a courtesy to the guild, members are expected to let an Overlord or Sovereign know if they are going to be absent for an extended period of time. Being absent for an extended period of time without previous notice, or lack of response to an Overlord/Sovereign inquiring about your inactivity, will result in demotion for a period of time followed by removal from the guild. The leadership will ALWAYS attempt to contact you before taking any action.

The policy for each member rank and leave of absence is as follows:

Any full member (Adept) that is absent from the guild for more than thirty (30) days will be removed from the guild.

Any veteran member (Acolyte) that is absent from the guild for more than twenty (20) days will be demoted to Adept.

Any officer (Overlord) that is absent for more than fourteen (14) days will be demoted to Acolyte.

Any guild leader (Sovereign) that is absent for more than seven (7) days will be demoted to Overlord.

Exceptions --

Since we are more of a casual-friendly guild, there will be exceptions. For one, if you give a valid excuse before you disappear (i.e. you're going on vacation and won't be seen for a month) or if anything else happens that will keep you away from the guild for an extended period of time, just make it known to an Overlord or Sovereign and you will be exempt from any of the policies stated above.

If an emergency happens that forcefully removes your internet access (anything as simple as you losing internet service for a period of time to more concerning real-life emergencies) then you will not have to warn the guild, but explain the situation once you are able to return (if anything has happened) and your proper rank will be restored if you were demoted and/or removed from the guild during that time.

For leadership positions, extended vacations will be more detrimental to the guild if you're gone for a lot longer, so if you go on a vacation, an interim leader may be appointed to replace you just so the guild can continue to thrive. Upon returning, you may or may not be given your position back, pending how long it has been and a number of other factors that may play into the decision.

The Sovereigns retain the right and authority to demote and/or kick anyone at will if a serious situation presents itself that warrants such action for the benefit and well-being of the guild.

Reign Ranking System[edit source]

Reign has three guild leaders, each one tasked with overseeing a specific facet of the game. There is a leader for PvE, PvP, and RP.

  • Sovereign

Sovereigns are the highest echelon of the rank structure and are the only ones with the formal ability to make over-arching decisions that could affect the entire direction of the guild. They have all the same responsibilities as the Overlords but are the only ones with the ability to formally kick members due to violations of the guild's ideals. They can also provide the highest level of mediation should an issue arise that may require decisions that are out of the hands of the Overlords.

  • Overlord

Overlords are very active members who are responsible for overseeing the day-to-day management of the guild. They should be the first line of defense to field questions, issues, concerns, etc... with the ability to escalate to the Sovereigns if needed. Overlords are enabled to approve recruit applications, notify of member acceptance and warn members of violations of the guild ideals if needed. Overlords can also set up and facilitate guild events. Because we do not condone the philosophy of "two many cooks in the kitchen" and to reduce the risk of abuse of power, the Overlord role is limited to two select guild members (depending on guild size & demands as we continue to evolve).

  • Acolyte

Upon a member having been with the guild for a duration of 3 months AND having demonstrated active participation and contribution to the guild, they will be considered for promotion to the rank of "Acolyte." This is primarily an honorary title, but rewards and actual benefits are being considered and will be decided upon as we evolve as a guild to determine what is reasonable. This should be an achievement that members can feel proud and rewarded to have worked towards. When each member reaches the designated period of time, the Overlords and Sovereigns will congregate to discuss if the member is truly worthy of Acolyte status. More information about this can be found in our Promotion Policy.

  • Adept

This is a fully accepted member into the guild. They are encouraged to actively participate in game and on the forums. They are the backbone of the guild comprising the majority of the guild's population. Adepts are held to the standards set forth in the guild's Charter and Code of Conduct.

  • Hopeful

This is someone who has applied to the guild by filling out an application and posting it in the recruitment section of our forums. An Overlord or Sovereign must review the application and formally acknowledge the member as being accepted as a Hopeful as a reply to their application post. Thus begins their 1-week trial membership. During this time, they will be encouraged to actively participate on the forums by posting to various topics so we can get to know them as a person. Once the game launches, this can mostly be done in game. During their trial, their application will be voted on within the guild discussion section of our forums. At the conclusion of their 1-week trial, they will either be accepted as an Adept or declined. More information about this can be found in our Recruitment Policy.

Guild Member of the Month[edit source]

Reign's leadership will congregate each month and award a member with "Guild Member of the Month." This award will be accompanied by a special medal here on the website as well as a recognition/congratulatory post.

Guild Member of the Month

Winner Determination: Each month the Overlords and Sovereigns will create a poll internally of the perceived top-most members and conduct a vote amongst themselves. Members will be considered based on their contributious, activity and accomplishments. We will announce the winner once each leader has voted (this should be done within the first few days of each month).

The winner will be announced on the forums and will receive a special medal for their forum profile. Hopefully, the game will have some sort of "message of the day" or something that we can use to announce the winner in-game as well.

Overlords and Sovereigns will be omitted from the poll and are not eligible for this award. This reward is for Adepts and Acolytes only.

Members may be nominated and may win the award multiple times.

Points System[edit source]

Reign has a points award system here on the forums. Each member will be awarded points for various activities as follows:

20 Points - Creating a new Topic
10 Points - Replying to a Topic

In addition, being awarded medals will also award points. The number of points depends on the type of medal. Each medal's point value can be found in the Medals System topic.

Points may also be awarded at the discretion of the Overlords and Sovereigns if you contribute greatly to the guild. By the same token, points may also be deducted if any action is perceived to go against our Code of Conduct.

The points system may play into future aspects of the guild, such as metrics for promotion, in-game items, etc...

Medals System[edit source]

Reign believes that to be a part of a guild should mean to have fun in all aspects of guild life... forums & website included. As such, we have created a medal system to reward our full members for various efforts both in-game and out. Medals are icons that display on your user profile and when you post to show off your various accomplishments. They can be awarded at will by a Sovereign or Overlord, or you may be nominated for one by a fellow guildmate.

Here are the current medals each member can work towards (note that this list will continue to evolve and grow as we do):

- Website Contributor

This medal is awarded for contributing content or ideas to the guild website Worth: 50 Points

- Acolyte Member

This medal is awarded for becoming promoted to the Acolyte group (veteran members; see our promotion policy for more information). Worth: 100 Points

- Adept Member

This medal is awarded upon completion of your Hopeful trial period if you are accepted into the guild as a full Adept. Worth: 100 Points

- 1st Year Member

This medal is awarded upon completion of your Hopeful trial period if you are accepted into the guild as a full Adept in the first year of Reign's existence. Worth: 50 Points

- Recruitment Specialist

This medal is awarded for actively seeking new recruits on behalf of Reign (i.e. bumping recruitment topics, referring friends, etc...). Worth: 50 Points

- Jokester

This medal is awarded for having a good sense of humor and contributing something funny to the guild. Worth: 50 Points

- Tech Specialist

This medal is awarded for going above and beyond to contribute technical knowledge or help a fellow Reign member with a technical issue. Worth: 50 Points

- Guild Member of the Month

This medal is awarded for being nominated and winning the monthly "Guild Member of the Month" award. Worth: 100 Points

- PvE Specialist I

This medal is awarded for participating and contributing to Reign's PvE efforts. Worth: 50 Points

- PvESpecialist II

This medal is awarded for further enhancing the PvE efforts of Reign. Worth: 100 Points

- PvE Specialist III

This medal is awarded for participating in a PvE event. Worth: 150 Points

- PvE Specialist IV

This medal is awarded for continually participating in PvE events. Worth: 200 Points

- PvE Specialist V

This medal is awarded for organizing and leading a PvE event. Worth: 300 Points

- Roleplaying Specialist I

This medal is awarded for participating and contributing to Reign's RP efforts. Worth: 50 Points

- Roleplaying Specialist II

This medal is awarded for further enhancing the RP efforts of Reign. Worth: 100 Points

- Roleplaying Specialist III

This medal is awarded for participating in an RP event. Worth: 150 Points

- Roleplaying Specialist IV

This medal is awarded for continually participating in RP events. Worth: 200 Points

- Roleplaying Specialist V

This medal is awarded for organizing and leading an RP event. Worth: 300 Points

- PvP Specialist I

This medal is awarded for participating and contributing to Reign's PvP efforts. Worth: 50 Points

- PvP Specialist II

This medal is awarded for further enhancing the PvP efforts of Reign. Worth: 100 Points

- PvP Specialist III

This medal is awarded for participating in a PvP event. Worth: 150 Points

- PvP Specialist IV

This medal is awarded for continually participating in PvP events. Worth: 200 Points

- PvP Specialist V

This medal is awarded for organizing and leading a PvP event. Worth: 300 Points

- Raid Specialist I

This medal is awarded for contributing a raid strategy. Worth: 100 Points

- Raid Specialist II

This medal is awarded for participating in a raid. Worth: 200 Points

- Raid Specialist III

This medal is awarded for participating continually in raids. Worth: 300 Points

- Raid Specialist IV

This medal is awarded for helping to organize a raid. Worth: 400 Points

- Raid Specialist V

This medal is awarded for leading a raid. Worth: 500 Points

- Crafting Specialist I

This medal is awarded for participating and contributing to Reign's crafting efforts. Worth: 50 Points

- Crafting Specialist II

This medal is awarded for further enhancing the crafting efforts of Reign. Worth: 100 Points

- Crafting Specialist III

This medal is awarded for participating in a crafting event. Worth: 150 Points

- Crafting Specialist IV

This medal is awarded for continually participating in crafting events. Worth: 200 Points

- Crafting Specialist V

This medal is awarded for organizing and leading a crafting event. Worth: 300 Points

- Game Specialist I

This medal is awarded for contributing information about the game. Worth: 50 Points

- Game Specialist II

This medal is awarded for providing useful information about a class. Worth: 100 Points

- Game Specialist III

This medal is awarded for greatly contributing to Reign's knowledge of the game and/or classes. Worth: 150 Points

- Game Specialist IV

This medal is awarded for contributing ideas for builds/strategies/tips for Reign to use in game. Worth: 200 Points

- Game Specialist V

This medal is awarded for training a Reign member on their class. Worth: 300 Points