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Galactic Republic Galactic Republic
Prox12 Planetside.png
Faction Galactic Republic
Recruiting Open
Focus Casual - Family Guild

About the Guild[edit source]

Prox12 Gamers' Den started in 2002 with PlanetSide. With over 3,000 members at the time, the community moved into StarWars Galaxies, World of Warcraft, and EverQuest Online.

Current operations are Minecraft, World of Tanks, StarCraft II, and Stronghold Kingdoms.

We also host our own 24/7 365 days a week streaming radio station!

Recruitment Info[edit source]

We are looking for players aged 16(+) plus who want focus on the Player verses Environment side of The Old Republic. Those who apply must read and agreed to all the rules and accept the rule's of the guild. We are an open gaming community. You do not have to solely play SWTOR to join this guild.

To join our Guild you must visit our website:

External links[edit source]

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