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Galactic Republic Prime Defense Galactic Republic
Faction Republic
Recruiting Open
Focus PVE/PVP/Crafting/Light-Medium RP Focused
Region International

What is Prime Defense?[edit source]

Prime Defense(short form PD) is an ever growing republic guild for the largely hyped massively multiplayer online role playing game Star Wars The Old Republic.We are a worldwide guild accepting members from each continent, and are we assure that there will be well placed leadership and activity in each area of the world. Prime Defense has many fantastic features such as chat, active forum community, a dedicated wiki, squad system, extensive ranks, member awards, a well placed council and various RP specializations people can choose relative to the class they are playing.

The Council[edit source]

We also have a council in place to assure the guild is stable and structured.! The council in PD is different then most republic guilds, there is only one council and it is not class specific, think of it as a merged council. This way we can keep the guild a lot more organized and dodge pointless fights on "which council has more power". Council members also have white messaging icons beside them in the chat room and a lot of the time have General or Master in their name.

Ranking and Specialization System[edit source]

Prime Defense also has an extensive ranking and spec system to assure established organization and more fun and excitement. There are a different set of ranks for each class, higher ranks have higher responsibilities but you will gain much more respect from members the higher your rank is. The spec system is class specific specializations to add a layer of roleplaying to the guild.

The Prime Army[edit source]

Prime Defense also features a military aspect called the Prime Army, the Prime Army is filled with various squads usually lead by council or high ranking members, the Prime Army is a unique way to add a new layer of roleplaying to the guild and game. Lets say if we were in game and we had to attack some sith, the guild leaders could dispatch a squad to eliminate them. You can apply for different squads by directly talking to the leader of the squad in the chat room or most squads will have a spot to apply in the forums under the Squad Recruitment section.

How to Stay Active and Get Promoted[edit source]

Just hang out in the chat room and talk with our many members, it's a great place to meet new amazing people and have a lot of fun. People in the chat room talk, watch videos, play chatroom games and a lot of the time gather friends to play on Xbox live/PSN/PC for a round of their favorite video game! Another way to stay active is spend time to post in the forums, there are many awesome topics and sections to write in such as suggestions, general discussion, off topic, tor related and much much more. We also have a war journals section for people who love to write.