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Galactic Republic Order of the Risen Galactic Republic
Faction Galactic Republic
Recruiting Open
Focus Casual - Family Guild

About the Guild[edit source]

Order of the Risen is a Jedi themed family based guild created specifically to play Bioware's forthcoming MMORPG, Star Wars: The Old Republic We also have 2 other sub divisions within the guild.

Order of the Risen is European based, but as for one location. It does not have one, we are multinational Order of the Risen works like a company as it is divided up in to 3 departments, each department is headed up by an Officer's/Class leaders and those officers answer directly to the High council leaders the grand master and supreme master.

Recruitment Info[edit source]

We are looking for players aged 16(+) plus who want focus on the Player verses Environment side of The Old Republic, along with a dash of Player verses Player and light - Roleplay. Those who apply must read and agreed to all the rules and accept the rule's of the guild and then fill out our application form. We do allowed under age 16's if it is a family member as we are a family based guild.

To join our Guild you must first Register on the site, and then fill out our Application form.

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