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Sith Empire Obsidian Fear Sith Empire
Faction Empire
Recruiting Open
Focus PvE, PvP, Friendly and Casual

Overview[edit source]

Work in progress... come back soon.

Goals for SWTOR[edit source]

Have fun and help each others

Recruitment Info[edit source]

Joining the Obsidian Fear can benefit a SWTOR player in countless ways. The most foreseeable benefits allow the gamer to - adventure among others in tackling group quests, flash points and raids; - compete regularly as a team in PVP, Questing, Social, Endgame Content, Crafting - earn more credits and experience points maximising their knowledge and production; - receive guidance from members who can quickly answer individuals questions and help them make decisions; - socialise in a lively-game atmosphere thanks to the private communication channel.

It is desirable that applicants possess strong PvE/PvP (MMO) experience and mature personal qualities/skills beneficial to the sustainability and development of the guild. For individuals: To apply please complete your Guild Application on your SWTOR Account and apply on the Obsidian Fear Guild page.

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