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Sith Empire Noghri Strike Force Sith Empire
Faction Empire
Recruiting Yes
Focus PVP/PVE/RP/Crafting

Noghri Strike Force is a family of gamers, currently playing/waiting on three MMORPGs; Star Wars: The Old Republic, World of Warcraft and SWG.

Prelude[edit source]

Gaming is what we do to have fun.
We come together as a family, hard working people with multiple real life dependencies, to enjoy a pastime in gaming. With the advent of MMO's we bridge the game in social, political, racial barriers to enjoy a common past time. NSF is a haven for mature players to come together, representing one flag, to strive for success amongst our peers in every game we dig our clutches into. We survive on the reputation of each of our members as our members survive with our guilds reputation and history. Its an honor and a privilege for me to call our members a family, and it's our only goal to ensure that honor and privilege goes without notice. ''

About Noghri Strike Force[edit source]

NSF will fight for the Sith Empire

Noghri Strike Force is a Hardcore guild aligned with the Sith Empire. We are a tight-knit gaming family. We are comprised of 18+ mature, skilled and dedicated gamers based all over the world (US, EU, AU, RO, RU, CR) who have years of MMO and gaming experience. We work together as one family to achieve respect and honor in whichever game we consolidate to.

Philosophy[edit source]

Real life is, and will always be more important than logging into a game. We know "Sith" happens, and under no circumstances should you be penalized for what happens in real life. We understand, the guild does not compensate your family and real life obligations. We will however be here as long as you have a need for us.
Our leaders and dedicated members seemingly dedicate their lives to the guild and games we play, but we spend just as much energy and time in our families.

Community[edit source]

NSF brings to the table a place to kick up your feet with little stress to have fun in a challenging environment. We take competition and spin it on its head to be a fun relaxing environment for everyone. With respect to fellow members, we flame, commit practical jokes on each other while seemingly coming together professionally when it comes down to getting "Sith" done.

Our Agenda[edit source]

Leaders: As leaders and councilors of the guild, we strive to ensure that not only do you have an organized family, but also have active family no matter what time of the day or night you log in.
Guild: The guild objective is to secure all aspects of play. To be the leaders on the server in PVP, PVE, and Crafting including Commercial areas of the game.

Background[edit source]

Founded in 1999 as a collection of brothers and sisters who liked to hang out and have fun while playing Counter-Strike at a LAN. Setting out to be the best we joined the Half-life ladder boards and competed on the World Circuit finishing in the top 20. Since then, with the release of SOE's Star Wars Galaxies we rebuilt on the Chilastra Server. After the downfall SWG that came with the NGE, we anticipate the release of Bioware's Star Wars: The Old Republic while playing games like World of Warcraft, Eve Online and SWG.

Community[edit source]

  • Mature 18+ Players
  • Dedicated players from around the world
  • Hardcore experienced players with over a decade of experience
  • Fun, humor, responsibility, and just plain kicking butt
  • Progressive

Joining Noghri Strike Force[edit source]

What it takes to be a member[edit source]

Noghri Strike Force's goal is to be respected as one of the most skilled, organized, and active guilds in all of our departments. NSF direction is to progress through eng-game content, not as a core group, but as a guild entirely as our warrior division wrecks havoc on the PVP battlefield. All Noghri are expected to have this enthusiasm and goal to be considered a member of this family.

NSF is as loyal to each of its members as the member is loyal to the family, with respect to real life circumstances. If you have friends or family with another guild that may interrupt your time with NSF, we require upon membership that NSF is your main priority.

All new members are not expected to know how to play their class to the fullest capacity, we expect that if you do not that you have the ability to learn. Everyone is expected to keep an open mind and be able to take/give constructive criticism in an non-hostile manner.

Everyone in NSF is expected to be courteous with each other. NSF is and has always been a large guild, and just like a family, brothers and sisters do spat. You are expected to handle any adverse situation with another member in a mature non-destructive manner. If the situation is seemingly unsolvable, we require as leaders that you keep the matter in private and to contact a councilor or leaders of the guild.

Noghri Strike Force is based on family values, we view and treat each other as family and expect a certain level of common respect. If there is schedule, whether it is pvp, pve, or a special event that you have signed up to, you are required to be on time and be prepared, marring any real life circumstances that might arise.

Family Unit
NSF is about being a family, and just like a family we game together as a family harnessing the undeniable destructive power that comes with playing together. NSF does not support lone wolf play style.

You must be active within the NSF family. You may be the perfect asset to the guild but if you are not logging into to play we can't have fun together. We do realize that life happens, and with in reason, we will hold you inactive if you fail to meet our activity requirements.

Applying[edit source]

Please submit a post about yourself.

Application Link:

The Noghri Strike Force Website[edit source]

The website and forums of the Noghri Strike Force are constantly evolving with new features and adaptations to maximize it's usefulness to the guild.