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Sith Empire Nerve Sith Empire
Faction Empire
Recruiting Yes
Focus End Game
Server Dark Reaper

Overview[edit source]

Nerve is looking for mature individuals who are at least 18 or older and who have played a previous MMO in the past. We only make exceptions to the age limit for family members. While we do label ourselves as casual, we are here to progress and have fun at the same time. Our members are expected to be active in Ventrilo, but we do understand that not everyone is able to be on it at all times. However, we insist that you be on as much as possible otherwise you may feel left out at times.

All members will have a chance at being promoted, as we will have ranks such as Officers and Class Leaders that will be chosen from those who are most active and knowledgeable about the game. We also look for a high maturity level and players who have a strong willingness to help others will be considered first.

Since we are a mature guild, profanity is allowed. However, topics relating to sexism, religion, and politics are not. We do our best to respect all of our members, and offending someone is not in our best interest. We are all here to have fun, therefore we keep drama to an absolute minimum.

During raids and other events where gear or other items of interest drop, looting will be based on a vote between all present leaders, officers, and class leaders. This system has worked well for us in the past with little to no complaints. If this system does not work in SWTOR, then we will of course come up with something that does.

If there is anything I have not touched on, or if you have any questions, please feel free to ask us. Otherwise, go ahead and post an application in our applications forum located at, or you can just go to and click on "Apply to Join".

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