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The Legion of Self Denial is an Empire guild based on the Nadd's Sarcophagus server. Our membership base stretches both hemispheres and all time zones. In its inception the L.S.D. was founded by a small number of players in the name of community, companionship and cooperation. Through acts of kindness, assistance, and sacrifice our numbers have grown, but the fundamental ideals have remained very much the same.

What it means

The name “Legion of Self Denial” illustrates our belief in putting the needs of the Guild as a whole above the needs of the individual, but it also reflects our individual willingness set aside our personal desires in the name of helping a guildie in need.

What we expect

We believe in "Family First" gaming, this is after all a game. Beyond adhering to the Guild Creed members of the L.S.D. will not be expected to participate in guild events and activities, nor penalized for their lack thereof. We believe that anyone who is truly ‘Legion Material’ will participate voluntarily.

And that’s how we prefer it…