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Galactic Republic Legacy Galactic Republic
Faction Republic
Recruiting Open
Focus PVE

Legacy[edit source]

The legacy of heroes is the memory of a great name and the inheritance of a great example.

Legacy is community with its sights on being the absolute best it can be and also has hopes of building a community not just in Old Republic but one which spans multiple games and multiple genres. With every new member and with every application we take a step towards that final goal. With a mixture of extensive leadership experience we have gained the best of both worlds, from ruling with an iron fist of a completive progression guild to the almost family like nature of a social guild.

To us our members come first and we hope that to our members our community will always be with them and that the people they meet along the way and the things they do while with us better them not just as a gamer but as a person.

Our Experience?

Legacy has been around in many shapes and forms over the years, but it lives up to the name of having a legacy of astounding achievement and excellence. On our long list of achievements are many server first clears of content in war craft, along with a complete clear of all Vanilla and Burning Crusade content back when it was at the height of its power. Sadly since the end of the burning crusade Legacy has to take a short well-earned break, as there was no games that appealed to us.

Introduction:[edit source]

Do you want to see the stars? Do you enjoy facing the ultimate challenge in a well-organized and devoted team of people who give it their all? Then Legacy could be just the place for you. Right now Legacy gaming is looking for new members to bolster the ranks as we take our first steps in a new and exciting endeavour. With Old Republic getting closer with each passing day, we at Legacy feel it is time to set the up shop and begin the tentative process of forging a community that will be ready to charge forward into the fray when the time arises.

If you feel that you could be part of Legacy then please, carry on reading and afterwards visit our Home page where you can find more Information about us and our ways.

Recruiting:[edit source]

What are we looking for?

  • Jedi Knight – Open
  • Jedi Consular – Open
  • Trooper – Open
  • Smuggler – Open

We are looking for players aged 18(+) plus who want to focus on the Player verses Environment side of The Old Republic, along with a dash of Player verses Player. Those who apply must read and agree to all the rules (found on the ‘about us’ section of our site) and accept the ethos of the guild, they are then required to fill out our application form on our application page.

How Do I Apply?

To join our guild you must first register on the home page, once you have activated your account (via automated email) you then must visit our application forum where you will find our application form answer as many of the questions as you can and then click submit.

If you have any problems, questions or comments about the guild or the site then please use the email provided in our FAQ section.