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Sith Empire Jensaarai Sith Empire
Jensaarai Logo1.png
Faction Empire
Recruiting Open
Focus All Aspects including PVP

Overview[edit source]

Jensaarai is a PVE, PVP RP Sith Guild dedicated to the SWTOR MMO. It is made up of the former members of the Order Of The Sith which was created in February 2009 and ran successfully under the leadership of it's Dark Council and the great close knit member core they had. As of December 2009 the Dark Council and the members changed the guild name to Jensaarai and broke away completely and moved to a new site.

We follow the Sith practice of a master and apprentice. Our ranking system is Sith Apprentice, Sith Acolyte, Sith Tyro, Sith Marauder, Sith Stalker, Sith Assassin, Sith Master and Sith Lord. We have a Sith Academy with dedicated training rooms used to bring out the full potential of our members through the Force. We are about knowledge and study all aspects of the Force to become the complete Warrior.

The guild is made up of Dark Lord, a Dark Council who elects and chooses the Generals and Admirals of the Jensaarai Armed Forces. They also elect the members of Jensaarai Affairs. We have our own League Of Bounty Hunters and Imperial Agent Network.

We will be playing many pre games to better prepare our members for the trials to come. They will include MMO's, multiplayer PC and console games. We have a ventrillo server and ask that all members that can afford one to purchase a mic but alot don't use them and that is fine also but soon we will expect all members who intend to be with us at game time to get one.

This guild does not accept people who like to post spam, are immature, prone to drama or that are overtly negative. This guild is a very close guild and once a member, know that we have your back and we expect the same from you in return. We also know that everyone has a life outside of here and that has to come first always, . We intend to make numerous alliances with strong Sith guilds until SWTOR come out so we may assist each other throughout the game.

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