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Galactic Republic Intrepidus Galactic Republic
Faction Republic
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Focus PvP / PvE / RP / Operations(Raiding) / Crafting / Basically anything...

Intrepidus[edit source]

Intrepidus is now recruiting. For info on how to join:

Our official website:

Our guild page:

Intrepidus Recruitment video[edit source]

About us:[edit source]

Originally we were known as Paradox Gamers back in early '09, We led in World Of Warcraft and small portions of free to play games. Our primary focus in World of Warcraft was endgame progression by PvE and Arena teams. We played wow for almost 2 years and were pretty successful. Later on we switched our gears to DC Universe Online, a action based MMORPG. We were all about PvP and were one of the top Groups in the game, we completed all raids and PvP groups with ease and waited for new content to be released.. However, with the recent issues with SoE being hacked by a small group of people, most of the player-base died off and we had to disband due to empty servers.. Our long term goal was to play SW: ToR taking our experience from all the games we have played in the past to have a perfect experience for everyone in the guild on launch.

In-Game Goals:[edit source]

Our primary server will be RP-PVP. We have our reasoning's to do this. When playing on a RP server, the community tends to be more generous with helping each other out, the PVP side of it means that we can ally up with neighboring guilds and plan tactical insurgences on the Sith. Our main focus will always be progression! Either through PvP, PvE, or RP. Here are some Examples on how this will look. We are ordering this by what we will be doing from most to least so top to bottom on activity.

PvE - Our PvE will consist with finishing operations (Raids) in the game when we can. We will set scheduled raid times that fit with all members of the guild, or if this is not the case, most likely will setup when most people are online.

PvP - We will have a PvP section of the Guild just for members who want to focus on pvp, either by Open world, or Battlegrounds. Not too much information has been posting about PvP, so just figure we will do all PvP in the game.

RP - RP is an essential function of how we communicate with the server as a community, I will hope to alliance up with other guilds to plan organized events when we are not doing main focus content. RP will also decide on how mature our fellow players act. Its why we are playing on this server to begin with.