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About Us[edit source]

Infernal Empire (formally Titans Exodus) was established on September 16, 2004 by Evel, Warrika and Collins.

When MMO’s were first taking shape there was a hard line between hardcore and casual oriented guilds. We sought to blur that line in the World of Warcraft with the creation of Titans Exodus. Titans Exodus was (and still is today) comprised of mature adult gamers seeking a community of like values and interest while not jeopardizing real-life obligations. Titans Exodus was founded by veteran gamers from all spectrums of gaming backgrounds including MMO’s such as EverQuest (Royal Norrathian Guard – Tribunal Server), Dark Ages of Camelot (Winter’s Bane – Percival Server) and Star Wars Galaxies (Continuum & Crimson Order – Starsider Server). By launch day for the World of Warcraft, the Titans family had grown by over 20 members of online friends, real-life friends and family and were established in-game officially less than 2-hours after the Elune server was launched.

While we’ve never advertised ourselves as a “server first” type of guild, we were never far behind the competition! In the original World of Warcraft release we defeated many raid encounters including clearing Molten Core, Blackwing Lair and Onyxia’s Lair. We continued our success throughout the expansions of the World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusades and World of Warcraft: The Wrath of the Lich King. In February 2010, Evel stepped away from gaming and leading Titans Exodus due to real-life circumstances and a lack of interest due to the various updates Blizzard had implemented in the World of Warcraft. Leadership was handed over to Zuess, a 5-year veteran of Titans Exodus where he has continued the success of Titans Exodus! Titans Exodus is the (unofficially) oldest guild on the Elune Server still actively raiding to date. In 2006, after much success in-game the leadership and members of the guild began hosting real-life get together’s called TitansFest. The first TitansFest consisted of over 20 members from around the country meeting at a state park outside of Orlando, Florida called Blue Springs where we spent 3-days and 2-nights camping, grilling, swimming and just having a real-world raiding party (B.Y.O.B). TitansFest 2007 was located outside the city of Orlando, Florida again where we rented a huge house with a pool and spent one of the days at Disney’s Epcot. TitansFest 2008 changed venues to just outside of Tampa, Florida where we rented another huge house with a pool and spent the weekend visiting various beaches including Clearwater Beach (typically ranked in the top 10 beaches in the country) playing football and other fun activities. That was the last official TitansFest, but many of members have taken it upon themselves over the past few years to have smaller get-together’s with other clan members for more local meet-and-greets. With Star Wars: The Old Republic and the guild being led by Evel and crew we hope to revive these old get-together’s!

While Infernal Empire exist primarily as a common meeting ground for games like the World of Warcraft and Star Wars: The Old Republic there are many members that play other games as well including StarCraft 2, Warhammer Online, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and several different console games that offer multiplayer experiences. So even if you’re not interested in MMO’s, but rather a great group of individuals with the philosophy of “real-life is greater than online games” then drop in on our forums and say “Hi” and perhaps you will just make a new group of friends to play other online games with. The guild exists to be a meeting place for people in their forays into the worlds of online gaming; a place to not only hang out with old friends but meet new ones. You can log on every night and play the same old game with the same old friends, but there is still a constant influx of new faces and potentially new friends. As we are spread across so many games but remain centered with strong leadership, this place remains a shining light in the chaotic darkness and instability of online gaming today. When a game dies out, the ‘goodbye’s to your old friends don’t have to be permanent.

This guild outlasts the games, and so this place is a stable home for gamers.

How to Join[edit source]

1. Visit our official website and register on the forums.

2. Copy and paste the Application into a new post and fill out each question accordingly.

3. Apply on the Official SW:TOR website in the Guild Headquarters.

Leadership[edit source]

Guild Leader (Dark Lord): Evel

Officers (Dark Council): Juggernaut, Zuess, Tifias, Kraevin

External Links[edit source]

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