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Sith Empire Impervium Sith Empire
Faction Sith Empire
Recruiting Open
Focus Structured PVP/PVE Guild with 10 years experience

Overview[edit source]

This guild is a college project that a few members are currently working. Though we've only just begun development of the guild, it's members have been around for as long as 10 years. We are hardcore gamers, managers or supervisors or even owners in respected professional fields. We enjoy a mature atmosphere with funny and serious people alike. We have a vent server. What more can I say? We're pros.

If you want to join a pro guild who enjoys having fun while being number one, click on the link above.

If you're looking for allies when the game releases, send us a shout.

We're MADLY (but somewhat patiently) anticipating the release of what we hope to be the greatest MMO of all time, and we look forward to destroying the Republic with you!