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Galactic Republic The Harlequin Galactic Republic
Faction Galactic Republic
Recruiting Applications
Focus Medium to Hardcore - All aspects


Overview[edit source]

Harlequin was formed 2 years ago for Darkfall, it has since grown into the largest Oceanic MMO community clan in Australia where Aussies, and those with similar timezones, are welcome to join in our officially supported MMO games

Harlequin has a dedicated, mature and honourable group of members with its semi-strict 17+ age rule.

Harlequin is more than just a guild, we meet up in RL (when possible), we build tools to enhance our gaming experiences, we create Machinima movies and like most Aussies, just have a good time.

Recruitment[edit source]

As of 10 Nov 2010, we are accepting applications into our SW:TOR division. Click here to apply.

As mentioned in our overview, we have a 17+ age rule, but more importantly, your application must be well thought out and detailed. We see your membership in Harlequin as not just a clan choice but a life choice.

Applicants are required to use Mumble for voice communications in-game, there is no exception.

Hierarchy[edit source]

Harlequin has a clan hierarchy built to accomodate both in and out of game structure. Your position, leadership and responsibilities in the guild will follow you to all games and within the community.