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History[edit source]

The Furious Angels was formed by Tbone in 2004 for the game The Matrix Online. With that game completely shut down, however, the Angels are now concentrating on Star Wars: The Old Republic. In The Matrix Online, the Furious Angels were known for their intricate back stories, stylish uniforms, high quality videos, and even a grueling mental test for would-be initiates. The Furious Angels resided on a Hostile (PvP) server and became known as perhaps the top PvP force for the Zion faction of the game.

Their leader, Tbone, was interviewed for the magazine that came with a copy of the game, and the Angels were featured on MSNBC and IGN.

The Furious Angels in SWTOR[edit source]


The Furious Angels went live with their recruitment in Star Wars: The Old Republic in October of 2010 with a controversial viral marketing campaign titled Follow The Signal. Private messages were sent to specific forum accounts at with a transmission that included a cipher. Later that evening a thread was created by the community to solve the transmissions. The thread grew to over 2000 replies overnight.

Follow The Signal is an interactive flash-based website full of riddles and challenges that slowly reveal the backstory of the Furious Angels and your role as a new recruit. At the end, you are offered the option to apply to join the guild and sign up for an interview. Many initially thought that the website was created by Bioware as possibly a way to get Beta testers, and once it was discovered that a guild was behind it, reactions varied from impressed to disappointed.


In the Guild HQ for the Furious Angels, they are listed as Republic-aligned in a PvP East server. Their traits are Hardcore, PvP, heavy roleplaying, scheduled play sessions, voice chat requirement, forum and website usage required, chatty/talkative. They were founded on the SWTOR site on March 9, 2011 (the day the guild system went live) and are led by Tbone. At the time of writing this (9/28/11), they have 90 members, are allied with The Guardians and Champions of the Force, and are adversaries with Jen'Jidai.

If you go to their website, you will find details about the Angels in Star Wars lore. The website refers to the mythology of angels that exist on the moons of Iego. If you follow the signal, that mythology is fleshed out even more.


-Leader: Tbone
-Second-in-Command: Broin
-Recruitment Officer: Anamodiel
-Guild Liaison: Manicvelocity
-Masters: Adad, Anamodiel, Archnemesis, Broin, Manicvelocity, Nocry, Tbone
-Webmaster: Lithium
-Web Staff: Adad, Manicvelocity, Revalis, Yotogi

Awards[edit source]

In 2011, the Furious Angels website was awarded 2011 Best Republic PvP Website by the SWTOR community.